Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekly Menu - Memorial Day Style

Whew - we've had a taste of summer weather - hot summer weather - and I don't like it Uuugg!  It is supposed to be nicer this weekend (as in - 60's!!) so that makes me happy!

This week we get to celebrate Memorial Day weekend . We are having company on Saturday and then the kids are going home with Papa and Nana for a few days.  For once, my husband and I have nothing planned.  We are looking forward to staying home, working on whatever we want to do and not going anywhere.

Friday - Darryl has the weekend off so he and I will order in tonight.  The boys will have Mac and Cheese!

Saturday - This is our big "Memorial Day" party.  My dad and Darryl will be working on replacing our front porch so instead of making them stop to grill, I'm working on a menu that is a little simpler.  That's as far as I've gotten.  Stilling trying to decide 100% what to have so you'll have to wait until I post about our weekend to find out!

Sunday and Monday   - No kids :-)  I have no idea what we are eating yet. 

Tuesday  - This is the last day of gymnastics so my parents are bringing the kids back and staying around to see the boys "perform".  Then we are headed out to Taco Bell to "Celebrate"

Wednesday - My plan is - left overs and Mac and Cheese for the boys.  Darryl will have practice.  If by chance there are no left overs, we'll just have to go get a burger ;-)

Thursday - Slow Cooker Balsamic Shredded Beef with potatoes and corn.  Yum!

Should be a fun week with good food and I will admit - it is very possible that Darryl and I will eat out one of those meals on the weekend (or more) - I think it will just depend on what we are hungry for and how much I feel like cooking!!