Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Teaching Tuesdays - An extra week of Break

This is what our week looked like:

1) I planned, originally, to start school this week.  I wasn't really feeling it.  Then, it was set up for the contractor to install some cabinet doors on Monday.  The boys did learn - they asked the guys tons of questions about what they were doing and watched the cabinet doors get installed.

2) I considered starting school on Tuesday but we didn't.  We DID focus on health though.  My boys took a shower.  For real.  Uuuggg.  Due to illness and water problems (at one point over the last week we had zero cold water .  ... and then zero hot water!) their bath scheduled got messed up.  So, I finally made them take showers on Tuesday with lots of soap and shampoo to get super clean.  Good thing - since between AWANA and lack of that hot water, it would be a few days before that could happen again.

3) I knew we wouldn't do school today.  I babysat for a friend as she had a funeral to attend.  With an extra person here, school wasn't happening.

5) By Thursday, I know that THIS was our break week.  The boys played and played.  I got some things done and enjoyed doing not much of anything.

Now, we are ready to start school full force on Monday and push through so we can be done as early as possible in the spring.  Sure, I love teaching my kids and they love school but, when that weather turns nice, they will want to be outside all of the time and I will want them outside too!