Thursday, June 13, 2019

Summer Fun - Week 2

This weeks list will have a slight overlap because I needed to shift it by a day!  This is our first official week without any school hanging over us.  Our extra friends are still in school this week though so we are enjoying that even though we look forward to fun this summer with them too!

Thursday (I shared this last week) - We had the board meeting :-)

Friday - Swimming! The weather was perfect.  My mom treated us to a picnic lunch and then we swam for a few hours.  Despite our 50 SPF sunscreen, our un-sunkissed skin got a bit pink! 

Saturday - There are a few things on the "maybe" list but honestly, I think we will stick close to home. I spent some time in the basement doing some cleaning/organizing.  Due to our sun-kissed skin, we decided to not swim today. 

Sunday - It's piano recital day! Today was church, lunch at my mom's, relaxing, and then the boys piano recital. 

Monday - Nothing :-) We actually have a busy week so I'm keeping today clear.  Rain is in the forecast so we will just stick close to home; maybe organize the boys room some; maybe not.  Or Maybe I'll look at my goal list and pick something easy to check off (Like counting page protectors HA!) We did this - well I went to the store, did laundry, and finished up a few things to get ready for our new washer and dryer.  It was actually a busy day but a good one. 

Tuesday - Today is our Year End Field Trip with Connections Academy! As always, this was a fun day at the park! 

Wednesday - Running Club! Today was the first day of running club for the boys (this missed Tuesday due to our field trip!).  Our friends had a half day and my washer and dryer were delivered so it was a busy day! 

The boys did not start their "summer schedule" I wrote about last week.  Our week, with the exception of Monday, is busy every single day.  They will be draggin' by Friday evening so I didn't add more to their plate.