Saturday, February 15, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #7

Here's a look back at our week.

Saturday - Guess what we finally got?  SNOW!  And the boys were so excited to finally get to go sledding at Nana's!
 My dog's favorite place - we dry the gloves on the heat vent so now, he can lay on top of the heat vent without burning his paws on the metal grate - he just lays on the gloves! 

The boys had a blast sledding on the big hill across from my mom's house. 

Sunday - We went to church and came home to a snow storm!  The boys played outside in a break in the snow. 

Monday - Schools were cancelled due to the snow so guess what we did?  Took our friends sledding at Nana's house, of course! 

Tuesday - Nate had an appointment with the ENT as a follow up from his sleep study.  He is now scheduled for allergy testing and surgery to get his tonsils and adenoids out.  Then guess what they did?  They hung out at Nana's and went sledding before piano lessons! 

Wednesday - We. Did. School.  Yes - we pushed hard and got lots of schooling done. 

Thursday - It was another school day.  They also had to get their Valentine's made for our party on Friday! 

Friday - Friday School!  It was our Valentine's Party!  And then my mom came over for Valentine's Dinner! 
 Josh and part of his Crazy Kid Concoctions Class

 Josh and Jump Roping! 

Nate loves Yoga. 
 The boys going through their Valentine's Boxes! 
Family Dinner. 

It was a fun, busy week with lots of fun in the snow and LOVE!