Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekly Menu - The one with a birthday party and our Christmas

Isn't it just crazy that Christmas is just one week away?  It seems like it was so far away and now, it's all almost over!  We have a busy weekend which will impact our menu this week too!

Saturday - Today is Nate's birthday party - I'll share our menu when I post about his birthday after this weekend!

Sunday - Christmas weekend will be very busy with the McMaster Family Christmas gathering so Darryl and I are celebrating our family Christmas with the boys today.  For breakfast, we are going to have Orange Julius and Cinnamon Rolls, both items from Darryl's childhood Christmas tradtions.  To go along with all of that sweetness, I think I'm going to make Biscuits and gravy.  I plan on making the gravy up on Saturday night so we just have to heat it up in the morning.  Then, our big Christmas dinner will be Pork Shoulder, Parsley Potaotes, Green Bean Casserole, Cherry Fluff Stuff, and Rolls.  For Dessert - my plan is just to have leftovers from the birthday party

Monday - Spaghetti, Garlic Bread and salad OR Leftovers from the weekend depending on what is left!

Tuesday - The boys are having a Frozen pizza - I'm planning on finishing up shopping.

Wednesday - Baby Mama Casserole, muffins and the last of any leftovers or just fresh fruit

Thursday - Today is Nate's actual birthday - we are having mac and cheese and Hot Dogs because Nate loves them.

Just a quick post :-)  Another busy week!