Thursday, July 6, 2017

July Goals

I was going to share what I accomplished in June from my goals but when I looked at them I realized that I didn't do what I had written HA!  Oops!  Guess I had better print it off this time so I remember what I say.

So, here's the plan for July. (I pulled up my Goals Post to make sure I'm working on my year goals too!)

1. Reading - I want to work on the books for the reading challenge I'm in as well as read "Listen, Love, Repeat" and "Wait and See"

2. Scrapbooking-
     A. Finally order the shelf I want and get all of my scrapbooks organized and put on the shelf.
     B. Sort the photos I had ordered back in March AND finish ordering all 2014 and 2015 photos.
     C. Order June 2017 photos and scrapbook them (my goal is to do the previous month of this year before I work on the past years so that I can journal things that I actually remember!)
     D. Order a months worth of digital pages; order 1 set of page protectors and put all of the ones I have on pages that are missing them (to make sure I don't order more than I need) ; order 1 set of pages for the digital pages I have and also put those in place; Order 1 more album (I'm behind on albums so I just need to order one a month until I'm caught up
    E.  Get family photos taken (this is scheduled for July so it "should" happen!)

3. Bible Study - Start the Bible study on Pslams

4. The House
     A. Get back into my Flylady groove focusing on declutting/minamalizing the house.
     B. Living room - Work on the photo wall I want to put together (basically just getting the frames I need at this point); Paint the front door; Paint the trim; Work on getting the art work I want for the walls
     C. The Basement - my only goal this month is the laundry room and playroom.  I want those two areas totally cleaned out, organized and useful.  I have a shelving unit to put in the Laundry room to help with organizing too.

5. Family
     A.  Camping
     B. Attending an event at the Free Fair if the budget allows but at the least - attending the fair for fun!
     C. Finalize some plans for mine and Darryl's get away in August.

6. School (I know it's summer)  - The goal in July is review!  Handwriting and Math are key goals!  Oh, and I also HAVE to return some books to Connections!  Oops!  That is top on my list this first week of July so that I can check that off my list!