Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Goals/Plans - No Foolin'!

Wow, spring came over night didn't it?  March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb.  Yesterday my kids were outside without coats on and, at several points, without shoes on (until they left the deck and found the cement to still be VERY cold HA!).  Yes, Monday was the nicest day of the week but at least they played outside for h.o.u.r.s.!  As much as I love winter, I will be thankful for when the boys can literally run in and out whenever they want - flip flops, no coat and our wonderful magnetic screen that even the dog just walks right through.  (I don't even care that we go through 2-3 of those screens a summer, they make my life so much easier!!) 

So, April goals.  March goals were ok, not great.  We've been trapped inside the house a lot and it was starting to wear on all of us, I think.  We did go visit the dinosaurs; Darryl and I figured out how to squeeze a date in amongst his "bad days" due to his back, stomach and yes, now his jaw.  I even got all of the Christmas lights down and put away since things have thawed out.  Our new furniture is here and we know what we want to do, I think, for the rest of the living room but are kind of at a stand still until Darryl's surgery is done.  Anyway, back to April goals.  Are you ready?  They are REALLY easy . . .. spring cleaning.  Yes ma'am.  I want to "tear" every room apart (ok, not really) and really clean right down to the corners.  It's time to clean out some things, clean up some things, and organize.  I need to get it all done before it hits 3000 degrees this summer ;-)   Depending on the weather, we'd like to start on some outside clean up too.  I know this is probably TMI for some of you but I've spend a good hour to hour and a half cleaning up dog poop HA  AND to make it worse, I'm not done.  I call it "As the snow melts" . .. we have one section in the yard that doesn't get much sun this time of year so the snow sticks around for a very long time - so I think I'll be cleaning up poop until the end of April.  We also need to clean up the garage and get the summer stuff out like the swing and chairs.  Throw in the fact that all of Darryl's doctor appointments are this month for his teeth/jaw, his back and his stomach.  We expect back surgery by the end of April/Beginning of May too.  Crazy month of April!

This week is packed busy too.  Last night I had choir practice and tonight is the concert - both at a location about 1 1/2 hours from home.  Wednesday Darryl is out for the evening and Thursday I have a hair appointment.  I'll be ready for Friday when we'll all be home!!  Not sure if I'll get a blog post up every day . .. I tend to write more in the evenings and I won't be home many evenings this week!