Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekly Menu

Wow, it is Thursday. I got up Monday morning and realized I had not prepped any blog posts for the week and figured I could get them done on Monday.  Well, that didn't happen.  Oh well.  :-) 

We stayed pretty true to the plan this week.  We did end up grabbing fast food after soccer.  Making Philly Steak and Cheese sandwiches just didn't make it on the "I really want this for dinner" menu this week after all. 

So, I have searched high and low for the perfect ranch dressing.  I've purchased every brand and almost every flavor and nothing tasted like THE Ranch I was looking for!  Well, this past weekend we were at my Mother-in-Laws and she had her "homemade" ranch dressing.  It was PERFECT!  Do you know what it was?  Hidden Valley Dry Dressing Mix that you just add mayo and milk too to make the ranch dressing.  Wow.  Why didn't I think of that?? :-) 

Here's what is on the plan for this week:

Saturday - My parents are coming for the day; my husband is leaving for the day; and I think I actually might get a few hours to go into town and do some shopping.  I have two different things in mind to make for dinner but haven't decided what to make for sure yet!

Sunday - It's time for a roast in the oven!  I'll add some carrots and cook up some fabulous noodles.  Yum! 

Monday - Baked Teriyaki Chicken, a family favorite, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Beans, and Rolls

Tuesday - Meatball Soup and homemade bread

Wednesday - Slow Cooker Honey Ginger Pork, Baked Brown Rice, Corn, and Rolls

Thursday - Another night of soccer so we'll grab dinner after the game. 

Friday - Tacos :-)