Monday, August 10, 2015

Make It Monday - "Making Fun" and "Making Clean" and "Making Projects"

So, we've been making lots of stuff lately. 

1) Making Fun.  Darryl and I had the opportunity this past weekend to hang out together and celebrate our anniversary.  I took my camera but took no photos!  This is what we did:  We went to Good Will (I know, crazy).  We never, ever, ever shop at Good Will - I just have zero luck so I never go.  Well, on this particular day, Darryl found shorts, pants and a shirt; I found a pair of shorts; and I got dress shirts and pants for the boys for the winter - all really nice name brand stuff.  From there, we went into Grand Rapids to the Downtown Market.  It's a really cool specialty market but beyond that, a brand new BBQ just opened there so we decided to try it for lunch.  The food was pretty good.  We also stopped at the awesome bakery and each got the most amazing cookie ever.  Then we headed out to the brand new Tanger Outlet Mall.  It was a total Zoo HA!  We, amazingly, got a parking spot by following people headed to their vehicle (total stalkers, yep!).  We did enjoy walking around and checking out some stores but, for the most part, the stores did not have any deals.  I did manage to get a couple pair of shorts at an amazing deal and Darryl found a pair of tennis shoes that he really needed but otherwise, I'd rather go to the much less busy mall.  Lets see, we then got coffee, stopped at Best Buy to ask some questions and price out options to possibly "cut the cord" on the dish and then went to Olive Garden for dinner.  It was a beautiful night so we drove around and checked out various neighbors where we might like to move someday and ended the night by getting some the best ice cream  at the coolest ice cream shop! Yep, we had fun! 

2) Making Clean - Since the kids are at Papa and Nana's for a few days, I wanted to wrap up some really big cleaning projects that needed more than the 15 minutes I can usually dedicate to them.  I finished up the project in the garage which included loading the truck with the final stuff for Good Will (a full truck load!) AND totally cleaned the garage.  I mean totally.  We got rid of stuff that has been on the shelves for 10 years and organized everything else.  Normally we do this project twice a year (spring and fall) but, since September 2013, it hasn't really been done so there was a lot of work to do!  I do have a bunch of stuff to now list on the local garage sale site which I will do bin by bin over the coming weeks.  I also took time to vacuum out the truck and wash it plus put in new car mats that I bought six months ago but never got around to putting them in HA! 

3) Making Projects - My kids.  Oui.  They have gotten into making "projects".  For two boys who wanted nothing to do with art projects, the past few weeks have transformed them into Art kids.  They have painted and glued.  They have dug through stickers and paper scraps.  They have found Popsicle sticks, cotton balls, pipe cleaners and every other art supply I had stuck in a drawer and created.  It's been fun and I've been informed that they each want a million stickers for Christmas :-)

So, yes, we've been "making" a lot of stuff which means . . .life is good.