Sunday, September 12, 2010

A relaxing Sunday afternoon

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon and it coincides with the first Sunday of football!  I love this time of year not only because of fall weather but because of Sunday afternoon football . . and Sunday and Monday night football too!!  I can sit and watch it all day and yes, the Lions got robbed of a win today.  Truly robbed.  For all the dumb plays that they make - this one should have been legit and the score would have been the win.  I'm sure there is a lesson in good Sportsmanship in there somewhere but for today - they just should have won!!  And yes, for those of you wondering - Joshua loves football.  When a player gets tackled he says "Ohhhggggg"  LOL  And when he sees a game coming on, he pushes his shoulders up, clenches his fists and says "huuuuuttttt"  :-)

Another random thought today - are your Sunday's stressful?  If not, what do you do to NOT make them stressful?  I'm working on new routines for my Sunday so that we have less stress and more relaxing (speaking of routines, I need to share those with you soon!).  We figured out the before church routine but are still figuring out the after church routine.  Today it worked - we walked in the door and Darryl took both boys to change diapers while I get their lunch on the table since they are both already starting to melt down due to lack of food and long over due naps.  As I start to feed them, Darryl got dinner going (today we grilled but often it is in the crock-pop or oven).  By doing this, the kids can be taken care of and put down for naps before we ever eat (even though we are starving LOL)  I did learn today though that next week, I will have their lunches ready in the morning so I just have to pull them out of the fridge.  What would be easier?? A 9:30 service so we were home by 11:00 - but since our church doesn't offer that; we'll make it work! 

I did one productive thing this afternoon; I looked through some cookie magazines and picked out cookies for the Cookie Challenge

If you haven't checked it out yet you can go to  (my original post) to get more details and the info on how to "link up".  It sounds like fun and I'm looking forward to baking some new cookies.  Sorry, I'm not going to list my cookies :-)  I want to get them nailed down so I can make the master shopping list and start watching for things to be on sale.  Still working on getting that grocery budget as low as possible!!  (Which this week, Darryl looked at the shopper, picked out the best meat deals and suggested some meals - he thinks he can get the budget smaller .. . we'll see!)