Sunday, August 24, 2014

Things My Kids Say (and sometimes my husband)

* Darryl and the boys were heading out to get his hair cut.  He was frantically looking for his phone and was pretty upset at himself for setting it down somewhere and having to look for it.  He finally brought me my phone and had me call his . .. which rang . . .in his pocket!! hahahaha I seriously was rolling on the floor laughing as he walked out the door saying, "What?  I have no idea why you are laughing." hahahaha

*Needless to say, my kids are at the ages where learning to obey is a tough, trying task.  They tend to want to do things "one more time" after we tell them something.  In one discussion recently, we were letting the boys know we would not be taking electronics with us while camping giving them the reasons why.  Josh piped up with, "Well, I'm supposed to obey Papa and he let me bring his Nabi (Ipad) camping in their yard and he let me play with it in the yard so that means I can since he is the most important person to obey."  Well, there ya have it folks, Josh DOES obey HA!  We then had to explain that these were our rules and when he's with us he has to follow our rules :-)

* Nate has a cold.  So, periodically I hear, "Mom."  I ask him what he wants and he says, "Nothing, I was just listening to see if my voice is right yet."  Couldn't he pick a different word? LOL