Friday, January 25, 2019

Weekly Menu

I actually stuck to the plan last week.  It might have helped just a little that we ate out since the kids were gone until Tuesday. HA!  This is a new week though - and the kids are here every day and expect to be fed.
 That makes me laugh :-)  There is truth to that some weeks!!!

Anyway, here is the plan for the coming week:

Friday:  Spaghetti Pie, Green beans, and Garlic Biscuits! (This was actually planned for Thursday night but there were SOOO many leftovers in the fridge, that we cleaned out the fridge instead)

Saturday: Sloppy Joes and Fries

Sunday: Stuffed Shells, Green Beans and Garlic Bread

Monday: Baked potatoes with leftover Sloppy Joes

Tuesday:  Tacos

Wednesday: During AWANA "season" this is my float day.  I plan leftovers/kid favorites but also know we can grab something out (Taco Bell is the cheapest!) if I really don't want to cook!

Thursday: Chicken Legs in the crock pot, Mac and Cheese and Broccoli

And then, just for fun - this quote makes me laugh every.single.time.