Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things my kids say

* Every night before bed, we all pray together.  Josh almost always prays, "Dear Jesus, I love you AMEN".  Nate likes to pray silently so he sticks his head under his pillow and prays.  When he is done, he says, "Amen".  Lately, though, once he is done, he whispers in my ear, "Mom, I said Praise to God and prayed for Daddy's back"  I think it is so awesome!!!

*Josh told me that he hurt his head at Papa and Nana's.  He said his fingernail was ridiculously long and he just sharped his head.   Ok, it doesn't sound as funny written down but when he was telling the story, it was funny.

* Somehow, at lunch the other day, the boys started talking about the fact that they were old.  Nate piped up and said, "Well, Papa is REALLY old."  Josh continued on with his conversation for a bit and then, again, Nate said, "Well, Papa and Nana are old."  Josh said, "At least they can still run around!"  Then Nate laughed and said, "Nana can't run at all!!!!" hahahahahaha 

* Recently Josh was talking to Nana and told her that they wouldn't be coming over so much any more because they are getting older.  Yes, he is a little excited about turning 6 before too much longer!

* A few weeks ago my parents brought over a pop up camper for us (a long awaited, God-given, answered to prayer!).  Josh and Nate had already seen it since it arrived at my parents house while they were staying there.  We pulled up beside my parents and Josh told Papa, "I already mom all about how to open the camper so you don't have to show her anything.'  My dad told him that there were some little things he needed to still show me.  Josh told him, "No, I told her all of those things too."  (And you know what, when we put it up - he remember most of it!)