Saturday, January 28, 2017

Week in a Review

I missed the week in a review last week so this weeks will include a little from the last few weeks.

Last week, we wrapped up school.  We had odds and ends to do like a few journals, an art project, and some writing assignments.  My goal was to finish by Wednesday so I could spend Thursday prepping for Friday School.  That's exactly what happened - on Thursday I spent most of the day working on my class information for the class I'm teaching at Friday School.

Friday, we returned to our Co-Op (Last Semester we went on Thursday).  This semester we are staying the entire day.  The first three hours are spent in classes.  The boys are taking Mechanical Science, A Logic Thinking class, and then Josh is taking french and Nate is taking the class I'm teaching on Maps.

 The boys are also taking Tae Kwon Do again and are doing great. (Excuse their excessively long hair - they have since got haircuts!!)
This week, we started second semester and I created a new schedule.  I laid out their classes daily in a way that works better for us.  We focus on Language Arts in the morning along with their Live Lessons.  In the afternoon we work on the other subjects.  Our days seem to run much smoother and I feel like there is more teaching going on and less "lets get this done as fast as we can".

Josh and Nate (especially Josh) have been a little remorse about the complete and utter lack of snow this winter.  On Thursday, we started to get some flakes so Josh went outside in his coat and sat in the snow.  His excitement grew on Friday when we actually got enough snow that it stuck a little ;-)

On Monday this past week, the boys didn't have school due to teacher in service (yes, even with on-line school their "live" teachers have to wrap up grades) and, because it was the end of the semester, access to the lessons was blocked until Tuesday so I took the boys for much needed haircuts and then we went to the closest McDonald's with a playland and spent a few hours there.  It was a nice break from being home all of the time.

As you may notice, getting a picture a day did not happen!  I'm going to try for that again next week ;-)