Saturday, October 6, 2018

Our Week in Photos #47

Here's what we did this past week!

We had a great family day on Saturday.  We got some things done and then had our first bonfire of the season that evening.  It was a great fire.  We also set off our last "big" firework left over from 4th of July. 

On Sunday we attended another of Darryl's concerts.  This one was at the Drive-in Church.  Yes, it's just like a drive-in - you park in the lot, tune in with your radio and go to church in your car.  

And this happened this week.  What's that you ask?  The boys learned to tie shoes.  Don't judge.  My kids haven't had tie shoes until this summer (Nate) and Josh just got his a few weeks ago.  Before that they had Velcro, Zippers, and runner ties that you just pull tight.  So, since they both have tie shoes - it was time.  This was a job I gave Darryl since I'm left handed and it is hard to teach this skill backwards :-)  I went to the laundromat and he taught them in a matter of 10 minutes how to do it.  I firmly believe that sometimes, waiting on a skill is better - instead of it taking hours of frustration and shoes always untied due to teaching a 5 year old, we waited and the boys had it down in 10 minutes and now tie there own all the time.  Amen and Amen. 
 This year, Josh has a book club for school where he has to read a book with his class and then they all discuss it together. Here he is reading with his best fat - Harley  That cat loves him even when he almost sits on top of him in the chair HA!
What else is happening?  Nate has taking a true interest in Football.  He heard about Fantasy football and got us all involved.  So all four of us have our own team in our family league and Nate is positive he will win.  Why?  He picked the top players for his team first.  We will see who wins this weekend! 
 Of course we end our weeks right now with Friday School.  This is Nate playing in gym - he is the kids in the front in the red jacket.  I love that he is loving being in gym. 
 The boys in their camping class (they are in the center of the photo - Josh in the yellow shirt and Nate facing the camera, kinda) 

 And their Jury Trials class.  This was a class that took them a while to like but now that it is week 4, they are actually enjoying it.  

So, that was our week.  Lots of school with some fun thrown in for good measure.