Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Traditions

Today over at Kellys Korner it is "Show us your life" Friday and the topic of the day is . .. Holiday Traditions.

Traditions are so much fun because they build excitement each year.  I find that they are just as fun for me as they are for my kids, especially now the boys are starting to get old enough to remember things from year to year.

Our Traditions:

1) Grinch Countdown Calendar - This is a new tradition that I wrote about "HERE".  I look forward to doing this with the boys for as many years as they will allow me to do it, and then maybe a few more because I've heard that teenagers SAY they don't like something but they really do :-)

2) Advent Study - This year we are doing Truth in the Tinsel because it is the perfect age level for my kids.  The tradition isn't so much what we do but rather that we do something to study the Advent - the reason for the season.

3) Decorating the Boys Trees - This is also a new tradition - the boys each have a tree in their room and I discovered that they love decorating their own tree so we are going to make it a tradition to do this with them - maybe as early as Thanksgiving night :-)

4) Our Tree - Our Tradition is to go the weekend of Thanksgiving and cut down our tree.  We have a certain Tree Farm we go to and then stop at a favorite restaurant on our way home. We then put the tree up while watching "Home Alone" and having something fun to eat.  As you read "HERE" our "tradition" did not go well this year - but at least we have a tree.

5) Lights - The boys LOVE Christmas Lights and so do we!  We take time to drive around and find lights- usually while we are out doing other things.  It's just so much fun! 

6) Christmas Eve - Most years, we spend Christmas at my parents.  If that is the case, we go to their Christmas Eve service.  Then we return to their house for snacks and the boys get to open one gift.  They get PJ's and one toy or book (and maybe slippers).  I like to include a toy so there is some element of surprise :-)  Then, they put on their PJ's and we attempt to read "The Night Before Christmas" before they go to bed!

7) Christmas Morning - The tradition is to open Stockings before breakfast but with the boys so young still, we've found it easier to Eat Breakfast first instead of trying to tear them away from Toys :-)  Breakfast is cooked by the men and is normally Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Cinnamon Rolls and Orange Julius.  It is supper yummy!.  When we open gifts, we open one at a time so that everyone can see what the other person received plus it makes the morning last longer :-)

8) Frankenmuth- I almost forgot!  Even though we have been unable to go the last two years, we do have a tradition of going to Frankenmuth the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We like to browse the Christmas Shop and pick out a few new ornaments plus enjoy a fabulous dinner . Honestly, we didn't go this year because it was also "Deer Hunters Widow Weekend" - we went once by mistake on that weekend and it is PACKED so we skipped this year. 

I do have ideas for future Traditions to add in as the boys get older:

1) Shoe boxes - I plan on putting together Operation Christmas Child Shoebox with the boys.  I wanted to do it this year but it just didn't work and I didn't plan well for it.  Hopefully we can start it next year.

2) A Christmas Play - Before kids, Darryl and I would try to attend a concert or play around Christmas and we'd like to get back into it as the kids get older.  Just something fun to see that is about Christmas. 

3) Christmas Cookies - Every year I have a goal to make Christmas Cookies and take them to the neighbors.  Last year I got close but the last few recipes bombed so I gave up :-) Maybe it will happen this year!

For now, I think that's it. The great thing about traditions is that you can always add more!