Monday, November 12, 2012

November Goals and December too!

For a goal oriented person, like myself, having no goals means I flounder.  Yet, on the other hand, when I write out goals, it gives me a jumping off point.  Now, I may now complete the goals on my list but it does help me focus on accomplishing something and that is the key.  I know I wrote goals for October but I don't remember them and, quite honestly, I don't want to look back at them and see what I didn't do!!!  Instead I'm going to go just regroup and refocus for the end of the year.  One "bonus" this month that I'm meeting with ladies for our annual Solutions Social Calendar Planning Event for 2013. 

Here is what is on my radar for the next 7 weeks?? Wow . . .

1. Finish the basement. Organize, clean, and just have it done!
2. Prep the playroom - basically have everything moved out of that room that is not staying so that we can start in January on putting in some softer flower, put in a reading nook and add some fun things to the walls.
3. Decorate for Christmas - I know this is a given but it is a big deal so I think it deserves a spot on the goal list.

1. Go the Santa House for Santa Photos - this is a Holiday house in the next town over that I heard about last year - looking forward to checking it out.
2. Check out Christmas Lights - the boys LOVE them so I really want to make sure that we take time to do this - a ball park near us sets up a huge display and for a small fee you can drive through - I really want to do that this year.
3. One "bonus" thing I'd like to fit in is a trip to Shipshawanna for their big Christmas Activities.  I say that it is bonus because with family parties, play practice and concerts I'm not sure IF we can fit this in or not.

Homeschool/Kids Activities
1. Create our new Advent Calendar based on the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" AND be ready to start it on December 1st.
2. Plan special Christmas Activities to do each day (I did this last year and the kids looked forward to it each day).  I will be incorporating a book called "Truth in Tinsel" that goes through the Christmas Story and provides instructions for a craft each day so I need to prep for those as well
3. Plan some Thanksgiving activities to do throughout November - I have stuff printed, I just have to prep it all.

1. Plan and budget all Christmas gifts - the Boys, Darryl, the parents, Sunday School Teacher, and Pastor.
2. Have all gifts purchased and wrapped by December 15
3. Prepare for Nate's Birthday (Not really "Christmas" but it is Dec 22nd so when I plan, I make sure and include this activity in my planning)
4. Make Christmas Cookies this year!!!!!

1.  My new goal with Pinterest is to spend a full month on 2 separate boards.  So over the next 7 or so weeks, my goal is to accomplish at least one item from the following THREE boards (since this list encompasses 1 1/2 months).  The boards are - Thanksgiving, Christmas and For the Home. Two of the three should be easy since they are the current Holidays!

That's all!  I'm printing this and posting it on my desk so I can remember!!!