Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Fun - July 4th

Last week brought it's own fun because, well, it was July 4th week!

Monday - We were at my mom's for the 4th and our day started at a great Parade in the neighboring town . We were fortunate enough to be invited to enjoy the parade at the house of a friend of my brother/sister-in-law which was awesome.  Darryl and I then left for home and the boys got to enjoy some sparklers with their cousins before the big Fireworks Show.

(So I have a few photos for this but . . .my camera battery died and I can't remember where I set the charger so I can't upload photos!  I know I put the charger in a place I could find it easily HA!) 

Tuesday-Friday - The kids were at my mom's all week.  I don't have photos from their week but here's a list of at least some of the things they got to enjoy:

-- Swimming in the neighbors pool with friends
--Playing at the McDonald's Playland
--Shopping with Nana at Walmart (because they always convince her to buy fun things HA!)
--Helping their cousin Seth do things around the Nana's house
--Playing with their cousins and Aunt
--Going to see "The Secret Life of Pets"

I'm sure I missed some things they did but I think you can see - they had fun.