Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weight Watchers Saturday

Before I begin, I received a great comment this week on a post I did on Weight Watchers.  It was such an encouragement.  I always appreciate comments - they make blogging fun!

For now, I am not going to Weight Watchers meetings.  In looking at some financial things, I decided that spending that money each week, month, and so on, wasn't where I needed to be spending money.  I'd rather reserve that little bit to be able to have a dinner with my husband or even be able to pick up something special for the family on a given week.  Now, just because I'm not attending meetings right now doesn't mean I'm giving up nor does it mean I won't ever go back.  Quite the opposite, I know the in's and out's of the program so I can do what I need to do and I want to go back to the meetings eventually.  I enjoy the accountability, the mini-lessons, and meeting other people. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again . . . it was a lot easier to be on Weight Watchers before kids (who am I kidding, before a husband!) than it is with both of those to also feed!  The kids have really added a new dimension that I've had a hard time working around.  Trying to find time to cook what I need to eat has not been easy.  The one week I did fantastically on WW was the week that I specifically planned my lunches.  With that in mind, my first goal for this leg of my journey is to plan lunches.  I went through a few sites and have pulled out 14 lunch recipes.  I know that of those, I will probably widdle it down to 10 that I really love.  From those I plan on creating 5 weeks worth of meals that equal 7-10 points.  In case you are wondering about my math - most recipes make 2-3 servings so I can use 2 recipes a week.  I promise to share both the recipes and the meals themselves.  Maybe it will help you plan better too! 

What comes next?  Planning Breakfast and planning the infamous exercise ideas.  But those are something to talk about later!

The first menu plan is shown below:

Lunch 1
Thai Chicken and Pineapple Stirfry (1.25 cups) 5 points with Salpicone (1 cup) 2 points, Crystal Light - O points = 7 points Total

Lunch 2
Lettuce BLT's (2 wraps) 4 points with Salpicone (1 cup) 2 points, 1 Diet Soda Cupcake w/fat free cool whip 2 points, Crystal Light = 8 points.

I had some very specific guidelines when I looked at recipes.  1) It had to be something that I could prepare/pre-cook on Sunday.  2) It had to be very simple to reheat/put together during the week.  In fixing three plates for the little boys, I don't have the time to prepare a meal for myself too. 

Next week:  Tackling Breakfast!