Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving . . .that football is back!  Yes, it is only preseason but it won't be long and it will be real!

I'm loving . . . That the Detroit Lions look great AND that all of the announcers/commentators are actually throwing around the "P" word (Playoff). 

I'm Loving . . . this fantastic weather.  The nights are cool, the days are sunny and comfortable. 

I'm loving  . . . that I found my truck key :-)  I had lost it about 2 weeks ago and was sure it was gone.  Than, on Saturday, when we were driving to the Zoo, I was digging through my purse looking for my sunglasses and there was the key! 

I'm loving . . . that we discovered on Saturday, after owning my husbands old Grand Am (I think it is like a '92 . . or maybe older LOL), since March . . .that it has an automatic starter. Seriously.  It doesn't have Air but he can start it from the house! HA!  Josh was playing with the keys on the table when I heard the car start.  I was SURE someone was stealing our vehicle - talk about being confused!

I'm loving . . . my little family.  We had a fabulous weekend and just enjoyed some wonderful family time. 

What are you loving today?

Setting Goals for your Kids

If you know me at all, you know that I love to set goals.  I take time at the end of every year to think about the following year and write out goals that I hope to accomplish.  I than take time each month to review those goals and make monthly goals in order to accomplish those year goals.  Not to mention my daily to do list that breaks those goals down into bite size pieces.  It is just how I work! 

I recently read a great post over at The Better Mom, a blog I've just recently run across and really am enjoying.  The concept is to set New School Year Resolutions for your kids.  Like the author, I am a back to school junkie too!  I wonder through the aisles of all of the school supplies and wish I could buy it all.  I am always picking up a three ring binder, paper, note books, and PENS!  I love pens and pencils :-)   When I taught school years ago, I loved the feeling of freshness that came with a new year.  All of the new plans, ideas, students - it was so much fun!  The post over at The Better Mom, though, really changed my focus from all of that fun stuff to really focusing on where I want my kids to be by the end of the "school" year.  We are at the very beginning stages of school - Preschool; for 1 (Josh).  Nate will be along for the ride but he really won't start until next year.  Considering the fact that his birthday is so late, I could even push him off one more year. 

Here are our "Back to School Goals" (adapted from The Better Mom)

*SPIRITUAL - How do they need to grow in their Spiritual Life?
This is something that has weighed heavy on my heart and mind for awhile.  Because we attend a smaller church, the kids are in the nursery until they are 4, at least.  They aren't getting any Bible Teacher at church so it is up to us as the parents to ingrain them with Truths.  Our Spiritual goal for our kids this year is to teach them Bible.  Through our weekly Bible lessons, they will be introduced to Bible Verses, Bible Songs, and Bible Stories.  This is some of the basic ground work for future years.

*ACADEMIC - What do they need to learn academically?
Our goal for Josh this year, as he enters preschool, is that by the end of the school year he will know all of his ABC's and 123's.  He will also know how to spell his name.  We would like him to be able to write out his letters as well. He should also know the days of the week and the months of the year by the time we are done in May.   We haven't really set an academic goal for Nate yet - as I said before, he is tagging along on some lessons but I really don't expect him to pick anything up.  He'll get the same lessons next year :-)

LIFE SKILLS - What life skills do they need to develop?
Over the course of this next school year, we would like to see both boys potty trained.  Isn't that a great life skill to have? :-)

RESPONSIBILITIES  - How do they need to grow in responsibility?
Darryl and I have been talking a lot about "chores" and how to set this up for the boys.  Ironically, I recently won a chore chart (I'll show it once I get it :-) ).  Our goal for this next year is to have each of the boys learn specific chores they must do on a daily basis.  Their chores will be fairly simple since they are so young but we want to start instilling this trait more and more. 

SOCIAL - How do they need to develop socially?
One key area that we want both boys to grow in this year is in manners and obedience.  They are at prime ages for both of these concepts.  We know they are starting to get it but we want them to understand it. 

ACTIVITIES - What activities should they do to develop their talents?
Our goals this year are to start Josh with some basic piano introduction lessons in January.  This is something I will teach at this point.  We also want to introduce basic sports skills such as hitting a softball, kicking a soccer ball, and throwing a football.  They are still too young for organized league sports so we will be focusing on all of these areas as a family, at home.

In all honesty, my boys are pretty young for these types of goals but, even at their age, a way for us to focus on where we want them to be 9 months from now is great.  As they get older, the goals will be bigger and more complex.  At that point, we will have long term goals for the year; we will also take those and break them down into short term goals so that we can get everything accomplished. 

Just a little planning can really hope your children (and you!) succeed as you enter a new school year.