Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Preschool

This week was a pretty standard week - probably one of the first weeks like this we've had in well over a month.  It went well because I was prepared and that is the key!

On Monday we FINALLY started lesson "D". I feel like we have been really dragging our feet on getting through lessons so I'm starting to push a little harder.  Josh is more than capable of completing the lessons and Nate, well, he does some but really, he doesn't start preschool until next fall at the earliest so if he walks away to play, that is ok.

 The boys both worked hard on their lessons today.  Don't you love the "war paint" on the face?  Keeping it real - they colored each others faces while I was in the shower. Oops :-)  At least it was washable marker!

 Our Bible story today was about God creating Adam and Eve so, after reading our story, we used play dough to make people.  My kids love play dough so they had lots of fun!

 I found What to Expect through Pinterest and it had a great link for some inside games.  We played bulls eye and the boys had a blast.  They had to roll the ball and try to get it into the middle square.  We noticed that Nate seems to have a natural ability when it comes to athletics . .. he hit the middle box on one of his first tries.  It took Josh and I about 20 HA!

 In the afternoon, we work on a theme study and right now we are studying plants and flowers.  This was a fun little craft I found over at 1st grade fantabulous.  The boys had a lot of fun creating these as we reviewed the (simple) parts of the plant.

 Through Pinterest, I found this great link to be able to pick up this diagram of the parts of the plant for FREE.  It was a great visual to use with our plant craft.

Tuesday was another great day - we really are enjoying our new schedule.

 Working on our daily lessons (Rising Rock Stars Preschool) - from 1+1+1=1.  Also, we do flashcards every day - today Josh was showing Nate the flashcards and making him do them.  He loves to be the teacher and usually tells Nate the answer first :-)

 Here, Josh is explaining a worksheet to Nate - I think this is about the time Nate got up and went into the other room to play (hehehe)
To continue on with our plant theme, today we planted grass seed.  Even though I've seen this idea years ago, I found it over at Mamaha and that the idea of "Plant Pals" was very cute.

 The finished plants.  These are now sitting in our window sill and I will post photos if when the grass grows.

Our PE time today was . .. Gymnastics!  Yes!  Today was the boys first lesson - aren't they the cutest gymnasts every???  We couldn't go in and watch them yet but I look forward to week 4 of class when the parents get to watch.  The funny part is that through the week Josh would say things that we had never heard - he told Darryl how he needed to breath when he was out of breath from chasing the boys and he even made Darryl do exercises with him one evening.  He is a SPONGE and picks up every single thing he sees.

Wednesday was another fun day - with a field trip included :-)

 One of our lessons today was cutting out our verse.  The boys love to use scissors . . .. you can see that we have two different levels of cutting right now by the photo below HA!  Nate is still working on that skill ;-)

Our field trip was to an awesome little Children's Museum in the next town over.  It is totally free but has so much awesome stuff including the cock-pit of a real airplane that the boys can fly.  There is a video that simulates flying over the city - the boys loved it.  We will go back without a doubt!

On Thursday, we finished up our "Lesson D", went out to lunch and the grocery store.  That kept us plenty busy.

Finally, on Friday, I did have lessons planned but, I needed to make food for a birthday party on Saturday, pack us all for the weekend (and the boys for a longer stay at Papa and Nana's) and do a pick up around the house so, instead, the boys helped me clean (their choice) and they helped me make some of the food.  In the afternoon they colored pictures for Papa's birthday.  Oh, and did this:
What is this?  They went "camping" and set up their bed in the kitchen on the floor.  These crazy kids HA!

We really had a great week.  I know I said I would share some of my new organizational ideas this week but then I remembered that the boys would be gone next week so I would need something for our Preschool post :-)  Next week I'll share all of that fun, behind the scenes, stuff :-)