Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekly Pinterest Challenge # 4

With a birthday party and Halloween upon us, I decided to switch to a food item from my "Recipe Board".  It's football season (which we love) so an appetizer type recipe seemed perfect.  Taste of Home shares a quick recipe for Mozzarella Sticks that is different!  Here is the inspiration photo:
Don't those just look yummy?  There were a few comments that said you could bake them to be healthy but sometimes, a deep fried treat tastes so good so I stuck with the original recipe and did just that.  This is how mine turned out:
These were FANTASTIC!!!  So super easy too!!!  The recipe calls from egg roll wrappers and string cheese.  I had won ton wrappers on hand so I cut each piece of string cheese in half. 

The Recipe:
Egg Roll or Won Ton Wrappers
String Cheese
Oil for Frying

Lay the string cheese on the corner of the wrapper and roll half way, fold in the sides of the wrapper, use water on the edges and finishing rolling; seal. 

Place in hot oil, heated to 375 (I heated mine only to 350 and they didn't brown as much as we would have liked) and fry for 30 -60 seconds.  Dip in your favorite marinara sauce :-)

Too Cute Not to Toot!

One thing I love to find is ideas for home made gifts for showers (even though I seldom make them yet!) and this idea from The Seasoned Homemaker is just too cute to pass up.  I have a friend due in the spring so maybe, just maybe I'll get this idea made :-)
My boys need hats for the winter (I do have one saved on Etsy that I love!) so when I saw this tutorial over at Moth and Sparrow I had to save it for later.  They are just super cute!
I realize that this is one day late for October/Halloween but I love this candy corn topiary from Deep in the Heart of . . . Arkansas - it is just so adorable!
This is another idea for next year, but my kids would have loved it this year - they are SOOO into "Pukin Pach" (Pumpkin Patch).  This idea for a Pumpkin Tree from Love & Sugar Kisses is super adorable!
I'm looking for ideas to fill up my October Family Fun Binder with and this is perfect - a Roll a Pumpkin Game Printable from Happy Home Fairy.
I will be adding this list also from Happy Home Fairy to that same binder; it has tons of ideas that will help with planning next October :-)

Ok, don't hate for me for posting this next idea but, it is after Halloween so it might be ok :-)  Craftomaniac shares a really cute idea to do with twine - a super adorable Christmas Card.

This pumpkin idea from i gotta create was too cute not to share this week.  This would look super cute on a Thanksgiving table.  If you planned ahead you could probably find stuff at good will or even the dollar store to use :-)

I have a thought that over the next couple of weeks we will see tons of great Christmas ideas.  It is hard to believe that it is already November - where did the year go?