Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Goals - Is it really May?

You can check out how I did on my April goals by clicking HERE

This is what is on my Radar for May:

1. Buy the first three gallons of outside paint and start painting!
2. Replace the front porch
3. Landscaping - My goal this month is clearing out the flower beds in the back yard and make that a living space.  We need to do some things to the kids play scape; plant some flowers, and do some other decor items.  This will probably carry over through the summer but I'd like to at least start this month
4. Make the playroom downstairs a . . .playroom!  The cubby hole I would like won't happen right now but I'd like to have the rest of it done before the heat of the summer starts.
5. Work on the new office/craft space/classroom - Making spaces work for us is one of the key goals right now and our tiny third bedroom was . . . a bedroom, an office, a bedroom again, a classroom, an everything room and now, it is going to be my space.  Ok, that sounds selfish but in a way it will be - it's going to be my craft space, the office/planning area for class, sometimes the classroom depending on what we are doing and I'd like it to be a second TV room to use when guests are here to give the kids a place to watch a movie.  My goal this month is to plan and budget for things like new window treatments, art for the wall, a desk/storage area, chairs or futon, new carpeting ect.  It's already painted the perfect color so now I just get to transition it to what I really want :-)
6. The Kitchen - this is my on going project.  I'm re-working some of my cabinet storage and have a few other cosmetic ideas I'd like to do.  Plus, I'm saving for the counters and floor . . .

The Kids
1. The Diaper Challenge - unbelievably, we are so close to success.  My goals now are to get them both into regular underwear AND to get their own stupid pants on LOL  One of the boys is 100% trained and the other is about 50% trained.
2. Preschool lessons - We are kinda wrapping up our semester so things are moving slower.  With more nice days, the boys just want to go outside and play which is fine by me.  I do plan on doing some theme units and having some crafts on hand to do on rainy days or when the boys ask.  But doing lessons every day right now is not a "must".  I also have picked out the curriculum for the boys for the fall and want to pick that up this month so I can use the summer to print, punch holes, prep crafts and be ready for our year.
3. The birthday board - I just want to get this started - once it is started, I think momentum will make me get it done before the October birthday!
4. Chore Chart - REALLY want to start this idea this month.
5. Go to the Kite Festival in Grand Haven - this is on the calender already; as long as the weather is nice we will go!!!

1. Scrapbooking -  My goals this month are to:   A) Put memorabilia in 2008 album - the albums have been done for well over a year but I have a whole envelope full of stuff that I need to add or throw out. B)Stick all pages in the 2009 Album- thanks to a sale I was able to order the last pages digitally for 2009.   C) Even though I technically finished the boys baby books I have some "wrap up" work to do like order imprinting for Nate's album, put page protectors on ect. so I want to get that done.  D) Stick 2013 pages down for Jan-Feb and order March and April photos.  E) I also have new software updates to put in my creative memory software and stuff to move to my new hard drive -I'd like to get that done this month too.
2.  That's all for "me" this month - I'm slipping behind on those scrapbook projects so I really want to focus on those

1. Get dental insurance - it is really a simple thing to do
2. Order the word a day calender and do it
3. Subscribe to the sentinel
4. Pay ahead on our truck

1. Go through our camping stuff and get the supplies that we need
2. Plan our first camping trip - fun things to do with the boys
3. Prep for our June Vacation - want to prepare a theme unit to do in June, create travel books for the boys, and make any needed reservations.
4. Make initial plans for vacation for Darryl and I in November
5. Plan and budget for our Anniversary weekend trip

Crafts/decor Photography
1. read "How to Photograph your baby and do it
2. Make a list of 100 things about me
3. Make Nate's John Deere Blanket
4. Do Pinterest and Too Cute Projects
5. Find racks to hold current Scrapbooks in the living room (a pinterest idea, actually)

1. Finish the basement
2. Organize manuals into three ring binders
3.Organize our tax documents into a file box
4. Organize DVD's - need to order system from Amazon
5. Get racks to hang under the cabinets in the kitchen to store recipe binders