Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Reading

First up are the books I'm using for my daily devoations.  I will admit, I've slacked off over the last week or so and need to get back into my normal routine of bible reading and book studies but, these are what I'm trying to get through this summer.

I have had to put "The Ministry of Motherhood" on hold - I got it from the library (trying to NOT spend money on books right now) assuming I could just renew it every two weeks.  What I did not anticipate was that it would be on hold and I could not renew it!  I've decided to finish Reshaping it All  and  The Power of a Positive Mom; then I will get The Ministry of Motherhood and also use another book with my Bible Study.

Books I finished this week:

I did finish The Total Woman last weekend.  The first 3/4 of the book was more enjoyable to read than the last 1/4 of it.  Honeslty, I kinda skimmed the end of the book.  I don't really plan on keeping this book on my shelf - it was fun to read just to say I've read it but I have other marriage books I'd rather keep around and, with limit shelving space, I must be choosy :-)  

I don't really like to give a poor review of a book because reviews are based on one person's opinion (in this case, mine) but, I have to be honest and say that How to talk so your kids will listen bored me senseless.  I did not even read the entire book, I skimmed it and kept waiting for it to get more interesting.  To me, it was more an overview of the differant personality types with examples of each type of personality through out each chapter.  I enjoy books that offer more thought provoking ideas; not just general information.  This is not a book I will be keeping - it will be sold on soon :-)

The Duet is a wonderful book!!  This was my "fun" book this past week.  It is based on the life of a widowed piano teacher who takes a leave from her job as a music instruction at a large college on the East Coast to move to the West Coast in order to be near her first grandchild.  While there, she meets a gentleman who helps to change her perspective as much as she changes his.  During this story, you get to know each of them but also learn about struggles within each of their families.  I would highly recommend this book to any one - as a matter of fact, I've given this book (as well as the sequel) as Christmas gifts to people I know that love reading as much as I do.

Books I'm reading right now:

Parenting in the Pew has already grabbed my attention and I'm only a few pages in to the book.  The author is talking about the importance of teaching our children true worship in church - not just to be quiet in the pew.  I'm looking forward to learning what this book has to offer - I think it will help me personally as much as helping me teach my children about worship.

The Recital is the "sequal" to The Duet.  I've read it before but remember no real details about it so Im looking forward to getting back into this story! 

I often have at least one more book I'm reading but I have a large stack of magazines I want to catch up on right now so I'm using my time to try and read at least one a day :-) 

Are you reading any thing fun?

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . .  that I got to enjoy seeing (and hearing) my husband play with "his" group two weekends in a row.  He's good :-)

I'm loving . . .  the much cooler weather this week.  I can actually get something done other then just sweating.

I'm loving . . .  trains, planes and TRUCKS.  Why?  Because currently, that is what my boys love more then anything else.

I'm loving . . .  this song by Laura Story.  Funny thing is, I heard it for the first time only about 2 weeks ago and since that day it has turned up on so many blogs I've read and I've seen posts about it on Facebook!  (On a side note, I removed the player from my blog so now, when I post videos, you can just click and listen :-) )

Enjoy :-) And What are you loving today?

21 Days of Prayer Challenge - Day 8 - Honor

Encouragement From Brooke:

"There may never be an opportunity for your sons to rush to the aid of a damsel in distress or defend her honor like in times of old, but it never hurts to use stories of a knight in shining armor to teach them about honor.

I happen to have young sons in my home.  They love an epic battle of good versus evil and it's not unusual to see them running (yes, running . .. I've almost decided it's useless to scream "WALK!") around the house with makeshift capes and swords hunting bad guys and jousting to the death.  And they love to attack their daddy, as he holds me down and tickles me, defending my honor.

I came across a book recently that perfectly illustrates the type of men I hope my sons will become.  It might surprise you to know that it's written for girls.  The book? The Princess and the Three Knights, by Karen Kingsbury.  Look beyond the surface moms.  Even you parents of older boys may want to purchase a copy of this book as a gift for your sons.  Its presentation makes it a perfect fit for a girl.  But its message is for girls AND boys.  The only knight good enough to win the heart of the princess was the one who would do anything to protect her.  That's the kind of honor I'm praying  for in my sons. "

"But there will be glory and honor and peace from God for all who do good"  Romans 2:10 NLT

I personally pray that my boys will become "knights in shining armor" - always willing to to step up and do what ever needs to be done!  I WILL be getting that book for my boys! 

I hope you are all doing well with this challenge - I haven't seen any comments go up but I know I had about 5 people contact me so I'm assuming you are all just walking through this challenge day by day !