Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

First, I want to wish my Dad a very happy Father's Day.  I think he's a pretty good day - I mean he wore a WIDE Snoopy Tie long after it was in style just because I bought it for him :-) LOL  Plus I guess since he had 4 kids who all turned out pretty fair, I guess he has some good fathering skills ;-)  For real - he's the best dad around!!

We did something different for Father's Day this year.  I happened to look ahead at the weather this past week and we noticed it was going to be a hot weekend.  My husband said "Lets get a hotel".  Now, let me say that in all of the years we've lived in this house we have said, on those really hot weekends, "We should go to a hotel" but we have never, ever done it.  I went on, something else we have never done, and bid on a hotel.  We had a very small budget and that is what we stuck with - we ended up with a SUPER nice hotel and we were thrilled!  How is this a Father's Day Gift?  Simple.  Darryl had to work Saturday and today.  By staying in town at a hotel, he gained about 3 hours of time.  The boys and I ran some errands before meeting him for dinner, then we went back to the hotel and hung out, swam in the pool, ate popcorn and cupcakes and the boys got to enjoy their sleeping bags for the first time :-)

 The boys each picked out a new book at the bookstore and Darryl got to read them to them - the boys were very excited.

 Even more exciting to them was crawling into the bed, under the covers, and listening to the story. The first they did when we got to the hotel was crawl under the covers :-) 
Darryl is reading to them while they are in bed :-)  It was after this that we headed down to the pool for about an hour.  Once we got back to the room it took awhile to get the boys in their sleeping bags - Josh decided he wanted the floor but when Darryl got up at 3;30 to go to work, he ended up moving up  in the bed with Nate. 

Today, we are back home, Darryl is working.  As he says, he doesn't really put a lot of emphasis on days like this - to him a "designated" day is not always the best day to celebrate something - instead we just take time out to have fun and do things as a family when ever we can.  As the boys get older I'm sure they will make things for him but right now, the best Father's Day gift for both the kids and their dad is spending special times together!

Happy Father's Day to my Husband - he truly is an awesome dad who loves his kids beyond measure!!