Friday, February 8, 2019

Weekly Menu

So, last week I did do the "two store shopping".  I started at Aldi's and got what I could on my list before moving to Meijer to finish up.  I would guess I saved maybe $10.00.  It's a gamble, though.  I bought chicken at Aldi for about $10.00 (a family pack) but at Meijer I could have purchased the same size pack for just under $9.00 because it was on sale.  I did purchase some amazing dry salami (to have with cheese and crackers) and also tried Aldi brand crescent rolls and they tasted exactly like Pillsbury but cost about $1.50 less.

So, here's the plan for the coming week

Friday - Tacos.  Something simple after Friday School.

Saturday - We have a banquet at church tonight so I don't have to cook :-)

Sunday - Darryl has a concert so we usually grab lunch after that is done.

Monday - The boys and I have a field trip so we will either eat on the road if we have to head for home due to the weather forecast or we will eat at my mom's if we can stay the night and head home on Tuesday.

Tuesday - Chicken Pot Pies/Chicken Nuggets - something super easy :-)

Wednesday - Maybe we will actually have AWANA tonight - if we do, the boys and I will celebrate and go out HA! Otherwise, we will eat simply at home. (The boys have not had AWANA the past 4 Wednesdays due to weather so we will see!)

Thursday - It's Piano Night but also Valentine's Day!  We have a tradition of Spaghetti and Meatballs (I'll probably make crock pot stuffed meatballs), Salad and Garlic Bread.  I usually make something fun for dessert but I'm just not sure yet.