Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who needs power?

It's been a crazy week. First, we were interrupted by this:

On Tuesday night, a HUGE storm came through.  It came up so fast, Darryl and I didn't have time to react before my curtains were whipping, screens were shaking, Josh's door was sucked open and than, the transformer blew outside our window.  The culpert was this lovely branch.  We lost power at 9:30 pm on Tuesday and didn't regain it until Thursday morning at 5:30 AM.  So, does it really matter?

(A Cute Nathan)
Well, Nathan didn't really care that there wasn't power.  He just played and slept like he always does!
(Josh saying "Turn that power back on!)
 He really didn't care either.  I had a radio with batteries playing some music and he just played in his favorite window.  Granted, at nap time his room was just too quiet to sleep  By 3:00 Wednesday afternoon, we made the call to send both boys to my parents house a day early (They were supposed to go on Thursday anyway)  Trying to put two kids to bed in the dark . . .didn't really appeal to me.
My exhausted Husband
It DID matter to big kid in the house that the power was out.  Tuesday night was a rough night.  The house was HOT and there complete silence.  He ended up "sleeping" on the couch but didn't get much sleep.  By the time he got home Wednesday, he could hardly walk he was so tired.  He laid down for a few moments before we headed to practice (where we charged our phones!)

So I asked myself, who really needs a refrigerator??
 A toilet?

 A shower?  (we have a well which means - no power = no water)
 Or even a TV?
Guess what ??? I DO!!!!  I love my modern things that make my life easier and missed them greatly over the 32 hours we had no power.  And yes, we lost food but that is what good insurance is for :-)

All I can say now, is that I'm glad my lights are on, my TV is working, and I can relax this evening!