Thursday, October 28, 2010

I never win anything - - well, ALMOST!

My Faith Box
I've talked before about the accountability group that I am in and it is part of Good Morning Girls.  As with lots of blogs that I follow, they do give aways periodically. I, of course, enter with just the slim hope that my name will be randomly picked, which it 'never' is!  Imagine my surprise when I checked e-mail the other night and there it was, an e-mail with a subject line of "You Won My Faith Box"!  I was beyond thrilled to say the least.  Than I checked the blog to see my name "up in lights" as the winner only to discover that the blog post-er (is that a word?) had given one to every one that commented!  You can ready the full post here.  It was really her husband's idea because they feel so strongly about this new parenting tool!

So, this is what I won - "My Faith Book" which can be purchased from here and there is also more information on it as well.

Here is the explaination of the box from The Good Morning Girls Post here

What is the My Faith Box? I’m so glad you asked! Basically it’s a box that you can decorate and place special keepsakes in, BUT the exciting part is what’s inside the box! Inside is the My Faith Book. What I LOVE about the My Faith Book is how as a parent you can record your child’s faith journey! From birth until age 18, you can record each year how you are praying for your child and create an intentional plan of passing down your faith to your child. Each year contains areas for you to record special memories, what they are learning about God, what they are praying for, favorite bible stories etc. As your child gets older, he/she can then start filling in each year. The book also contains areas for photos as well as areas for older children to personally write about their journey thus far with God. What I love is this book helps create a history of your child’s faith that they can turn back to in later years. The My Faith Book is a tool that can be used to help them remember the faithfulness of God as they flip through the pages and see how God has answered prayers that were written down years before

Isn't that awesome?  I already prayer for my boys daily but this will be such a great legacy as well.  I'm so looking forward to getting this great gift!  Once I get it, I may have to purchase a second one if it isn't made to list items for both boys, which is fine since it is such a great thing.  It would also make a great gift for a new parent as well!!

This book is also available through the same site and I already had this written down as a must read.
Now I know I have to get it for my next set of reading materials starting in January.  I thinking building your child's faith is of the utmost importance today.  Too many times, Christianity is made "lite" and things are acceptable now amoung Christians that the Bible teaches are not acceptable.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 18

Day 18 - Something you Regret

Since I first read this list, 18 days ago, I've been thinking about this post and one thing kept coming back to me and that is something I learned in college.  That was to live your life in such a way that you have no regrets.  I know that this was taught more in the concept of what choices a person makes - choose those things which are right and Godly so that you have no regrets when you are done.  So, I've tried to live my life in a way to have no regrets - at least the things that matter in life.  Than I tried to lighten it up a little and see if there are things I wish I had done/had not done that might qualify and there are a few.

1. I loved where I went to college and that in itself is not a regret but I wish I would have known more about what was needed to get a state teaching certificate - so one regret I have is that I was not able to get state certified, therefore limiting where I could teach.  I probably need to look into this again as sometimes state guidelines change and I might be able to get this?? Who knows.
2. I regret that I ever signed up for my first credit card AND that I used it!  My husband and I are determined to teach our boys how to manage money from the time they start getting their first allowance.  I think it is so much more important now than it was when he and I were young because credit is so available now.  We are now working diligently to pay off what debt we have and not add anymore.
3. I regret that I allowed myself to get behind on Scrapbooking - I am working to get current so we can enjoy the albums of our kids while they are still kids!

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