Sunday, July 21, 2013


I have misplaced my July blog calender so I have no idea what I planned to blog about today.  Oops.  So, for today, I'll just share some random things

1.  My checkbook balance never matches what I have in my head.  It is always, always less.  I hate when that happens.  When I worked at the bank, the first thing I did when I sat down at my desk each morning was balance my checkbook to what showed online.  It was always perfectly balanced.  I have decided I need to pick up that habit again - every evening after the kids go to bed the first thing I will do is update my checkbook AND input my husband's info from work on that day.  21 days to make a habit so here. we. go!

2. Rice Krispie Treats or really good in hot weather :-)  I made some last week and they got better and better each day.  My kitchen is so hot that they are staying super soft and squishy.  I may or may not have finished off the pan while I was working on this post.

3.  Three boys, one baby, a dog, a cat, and two adults are a lot of people to fit in two small rooms during the day.  Why are we squished into these two rooms?
Because it is THIS hot outside . . .. 
 Yes, that says 100 degrees and no, that doesn't sit in the sun either.  We have had 5 days where the heat index has gone over 100 degrees.
So, on Monday evening we bought one of these.  Now we have one in our bedroom but, we bought one to put in the boys room which opens into the living room.  During the day, we blow the cold air into the closed off living room and actually have a living space that is comfortable.  I am beyond thankful for this little piece of "heaven".  I'm not sure how the boys and I would have lasted through this entire week of heat without it.

4. I love my dog.
She's been so hot this week that she has ventured into places she usually doesn't go . .. the boys room :-)  The AC is her favorite thing so laying in their room offers her the coolest location.  Isn't she sweet?

5.  I've started my Christmas "window" shopping.  The boys are getting to an age where it is really fun to look for toys and games and other activities for gifts plus they are starting to make requests.  I have noticed that toys go on clearance in June and July so I'm making notes to set my budget next year to save for Christmas in the first half of the year instead of the second half.  There are alot of things I could have picked up if the line item was full :-)  That's ok - I know more sales are coming! 

Not much else random around here .  .. just trying to enjoy summer on the days it isn't a million degrees!