Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A month of Thanks

I'm an over thinker. Plains anadromous simple.  This hit me square in the eyes recently when Nate said to me that we needed a skeleton, some bats and just one witch hung up on the windows.  I looked up ideas of things to make and scoured some stores for things. . . . I made great plans.  He reminded me on Monday that we STILL needed things for Halloween after asking Three weeks ago!  While in the store Monday afternoon I saw a cute little "pin the smile on the skeleton" game and snatched it up,  do you have any idea how excited Nate was when he saw that cheap paper skeleton?  That's when it hit me that simple little things is all it takes too add something fun to house.  I plan on picking up a few more of those skeletons to put in the Halloween bin for next year,

With the start of November upon us, I wanted to find a couple simple things to help show thankfulness with our family.  The idea is from Women Living Well and is a thanksgiving journal. I love ideas that build year after year.  I want to talk about want "being thankful" is with the boys and the. Have them make a thankful turkey to add to our family thanksgiving book.
Because the boys, especially Nate, likes actual decorations, I thought that adding the things we are thankful for to the leaves to make a Thanksgiving banner would be fun too.  The post gives free printables too :-)

 How will you show thankfulness this month?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments or links to blog posts as well. I'd love to share your ideas in future posts as well!