Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekly Menu!

I keep thinking that fall is here. .. . and then we have 75-80 degree days and it makes me a little sad.  Don't get me wrong, the weather has been beautiful but the bees, wow.  I've become the great bee killer - usually killing upwards of 10-15 bees a day if the patio door is open.  The kids don't even like to play outside for very long because of the bees!  I'm ready for a really good solid freeze so the bees will go away.

Here's our plan for this week.  We are laying pretty low since my husband is still dealing with a bank injury.  Ironically, October is usually one of our busy months with fall stuff, Halloween, a birthday and just all around fun stuff.  So far, we aren't doing much of anything!!!

Friday - Taco's!  It has a been a few weeks since we've had our normal Friday night tacos.  Tonight will be traditional :-)  I'll just add some chips and Salsa to go along with it.

Saturday - Italian Burgers and Salad - Saw this in an episode of Pioneer Woman and it looked good!

Sunday - We'll have Sloppy Joes after church since I can have it all made before hand and then I'm going to do a pot of Chicken and Dumplings for dinner.

Monday - Monday is Soup day!  I'll turn left over chicken and dumplings (minus the dumplings) into Chicken Noodle Soup.  This is THEE best way to make chicken noodle soup!

Tuesday - Thanks to a friend of mine who had about 5 crock pots and heard that mine had died and I had yet to replace it, I now have a crock pot :-)  So we will have Balsamic Pork Loin in the Crock pot, Mac and Cheese, roasted veggies and some rolls.

Wednesday -It's breakfast for dinner!  Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, fried potatoes and Fruit!  Yum :-)

Thursday - We'll end the week with an old favorite, Beef Strogenoff over noodles with Italian bread.

What am I baking this week?  Well, it is fall so I'm thinking maybe an apple crisp and/or a pumpkin pie.  Cookies will be the "break and bake" since they are on sale this week :-)