Sunday, March 16, 2014

Things my Kids Say

* Nate was scratching his bare hiney while I was getting him dressed one morning.  I told him that his hands were going to stink if he kept doing that.  He sniffed his hands and said, "They smell like fresh fruit.  They don't smell butty!!!!"  I did not smell them - I took his word for it and then made him go wash his hands.

*Nate can speak baby talk and dog talk (as well as chicken, cat, rooster, pig, and sheep).  If he wants China to move, he will "speak" to her.  He has told me she listens and does what he says.  Then, the other day he wanted the Princess to move away from his fort so he got down on the floor and proceeded to "talk" to her in baby talk.  She then crawled away and he exclaimed, "Look mom, she understood me!". 

* We were practicing this weeks memory verse before bed which is "Pray for one another".  Josh repeated it and said,Pray for Another Lover.  Hahahaha. I was laughing so hard and he was like, what mom, what's funny?  I hope he corrects that before,Sunday!

* Nate told me finally that he knows the people snide him are not real.  He the proceeded to pull them off of his body and said, "I'll just carry them in my pocket instead."

* We recently got new furniture and had been going over the new "rules" with Josh and Nate for a few weeks.  On the morning it was arriving, I started explaining the rules to the munchkin when Josh said, "Don't worry mom, I already reminded the boys of the rules, you don't need to."  Yep, he thinks he is in charge.