Thursday, March 7, 2019

March Goals

March Goals!  Yes, it's that time of month to write down my goals.  As I've done the last two months, I'll start with my main focus.

My March Focus is:
Strengthen my Scrapbooking

I know, really?  But yes!  The reason I picked this is because I already have some things in place to help this happen.

1. Put together my new shelves (an early birthday present!) to house my scrapbooks.  Two of the shelves arrived; once I get those put together and organized, I will order one more if needed.
2. Sort my albums as I put them on shelves.  I need to see what is missing and what needs to be updated.
3. Update any and all albums that I can (some might have to be spread out over the year depending on what needs to be done.
4. Continue to plan to order the current months photo and one other months photos.
5. Continue to plan to order one month of digital pages a month

Even though I have a main focus, there are some other things I'm focusing on too.

1. Add exercise to our daily routine - the weather has not been our friend yet this year but maybe, just maybe March will be our month!
2. Now that the weather is starting to maybe clear, I might actually try to do my first Shipt SHop.
3. Schedule an eye appointment - I think I need new contacts and I DO need new glasses!
4. Paint the Dining Room - I'll be honest, I'm not sure I can actually fit this in this month but I want it on the radar.
5. Put up the spring/summer shower curtain (Maybe that is why it is still snowing - I still have my snowflake shower curtain up HA!)
6. Price out a different Homeschool option for next year and see if it is a doable plan if we decided to not do connections academy next year.
7. Decide about camp for the boys - they have expressed a real interest in going this summer to a full week of camp - I need to see if we can make this happen financially.
8. Find one activity to do this month as a family.
9. Continue to read - I think I'm doing pretty good on this one.
10. Make sure I have our St. Patrick's stuff in the plans are in place.
11.  Update the holiday journal
12. Purchase items for the boys Easter Basket and get their Easter outfits
13. Finalize my song to sing at church and practice it.
14. Go through all of our summer clothes and make a list of what is needed
15. Deep clean the master bedroom - I did a big clean out last September but it tends to get piles quite often and I need to clean all of that stuff out.
16. The basement.  That's all HA!
17. Finish one project with Josh for School (he has three) and finish up Nate's big Michigan History Project and his reading journals
18. Plan my fall co-op class.  I have the information, I just need to lay out a basic lesson plan.
19. Plan for summer planting.  I want to plant sunflowers and maybe some other flowers.  I'd also like to plant a few (very few) veggie plants.