Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot!

Right now, I'm in the "middle" of cleaning out all of my crafting/scrapbooking supplies.  The reason for that is for a differant post (don't worry, it's coming eventually) but, because of that, I'm not even close to crafting anything.  I do have a birthday party coming up and I plan on tackling a few things for that but that is still a few weeks away.  For now, I'm still just gathering the cutest ideas I can find and sharing them with you (and saving them for me!)

I'm going to start out with several ideas all from The Dukes and Duchesses.  I guess I haven't looked through her blog a lot lately because I missed several great ideas.  First up is this recipe for The Best Coffee Punch.  Now, "coffee" and "punch" don't seem to go together but when I read this recipe, it reminded me of a frappe so maybe it would be good? 
I thought this idea of a Martha Stewart Sprinkler Party for a birthday party was too cute not to post, especially the towel favors.  I wish I had an excuse (and a pool) to host one but someone else might! 
Finally, I really like this Baseball Bracelet  idea.  What a creative way to use up old baseballs.

How about a Halloween craft?  I really start to get into the decorating spirit as fall hits so when I saw this idea from Burlap Avenue for spider web garland, I had to share!

Or, how about Thanksgiving?  Here's a cute banner idea from The Kurtz Corner.

I love the "Month" onsies; there is a great tutorial over at Holy Craft.  I wish I would have thought of that idea instead of my super simple paper signs for the boys!

Short list this week :-)  But cute anyway!