Monday, July 10, 2017

Something Yummy - Raspberry Lemonade Punch

Raspberry Lemonade Punch
from my niece, Alicia Miller

When we visited in Ohio over the 4th weekend, my niece made this simple punch that was so refreshing and super easy to make!  I picked up the supplies to make it for dinner at my in-laws and then again on the 4th of July for our cookout.  It is super tasty and there are lots of tweaks you could make to it to change it up too. 

1 can of frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate (leave it frozen to add a slight slushy mix in the punch.)

1 bottle of cold 7-up

Slices of lemon and strawberries (you could add raspberries or blackberries too!)

Ice cubes as needed

Just mix everything together and enjoy!