Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Father's Day! (Ok, a post about our Father's Day!)

This past Sunday, as most of you know, was Father's Day.
 Darryl with his "mini-me's" Josh and Nate
Of course, we always need a funny photo!

For Father's Day, we headed to our favorite Chinese Buffet for lunch - this was Darryl's choice and, trust me, I wasn't complaining about not cooking! 

After dinner, we headed back to the house to open a few gifts.

 Josh gave Darryl his gifts first which included this water gun :-)  Now, lets keep this all real - we were all a bit tired from our fun on Saturday and getting home very late so a bit of the "crankies" was going on.  Nate got a little upset because he was sure he picked out a different card for Darryl than he actually did and . . .well, Nate STILL hasn't given Darryl the gifts he picked out.  For. real.
 I was able to get Darryl a few things.  I had set my budget and went shopping.  First, I got him this fabulous Detroit Tigers shirt (which was on sale for 30% off . .. ) then I also got him a pair of sandals (that were 30% off, plus on sale PLUS I got an additional $3.00 off with a coupon) AND a pair of water shoes (for $1.00 since the shoes were all buy one/get one for $1.00)!  My budget?  $20.00 . .. I spent?  $22.00.  Seriously.  Even I was proud of myself . :-)
All of my wonderful "men".  I'm beyond blessed with all three of them.   The rest of the day we just hung out until it was time for the boys and I to head to Vacation Bible School!