Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Darn Bee

Isn't it amazing how something as simple as this

can cause so much pain?

Today, Josh was doing his favorite thing - lining up all of his cars and trucks in the window sill, when I heard a blood curdling scream.  I looked over at him and saw him shaking a truck like crazy on his hand.  I thought he had gotten pinched but as I held him and tried to inspect his hand I saw the tell-tale sign of the sting.  Than I noticed his thumb start to swell, the redness start, and than the red going all the way up his arm.  All the while, I'm sure the neighbors three towns over, heard him screaming.  I called the doctor to make sure all was well, which it was, and just held him.  He screamed for the next hour - I think more because his hand felt funny and he doesn't like things on his hands.  (And this feeling he couldnt' just shake off)  Eventually he settled down and I let him watch cartoons the rest of the afternoon, which is not a normal thing, but if it kept him quiet, it was ok today!  This is his second bee sting of the season and I'm glad the season is just about done!  I have no idea where that bee came from but I noticed he didn't touch that car the rest of the evening!!  So, that was the excitement for our day - I'd rather have had a boring day !

On a seperate note - I was looking through some of my crafty blogs and am SOOO bitten (see how it kinda ties in . .) with the craft bug.  I have seen a few postings for using corn husks for making wreaths and I really need a fall wreath for my front door so maybe I'll try to pick up those supplies this weekend and make one . . or several.  I could also hang one outside on the garage too . .. this gets me thinking about decorating my home by season . . .making a bunch of fall stuff and putting that out from Sept until Nov . . than Christmas . . .than snow stuff . . .than all my spring stuff . .. maybe I can have an excuse to craft.  Now my problem is storage . . ;-) So many ideas!