Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things My Kids Say

**A conversation I overheard recently:
Nate: Look Josh, it's an eye doctor (Holding up a hellicopter)
Josh:  Nate, that's that an eye doctor - an eye doctor checks your teeth.
My thought:  We need to work on the difference between a hellicopter, eye doctor and dentist HA!

** The other day the boys and I made brownies together.  Later that evening, we were showing Darryl the photos from the camera and when the picture of the brownie making came on the screen Nate said, "Delicious". (it came out DEEEEE lish US!) We seriously all burst out laughing.  I love when kids say 3  syllable words :-)

I think we were too busy this week for new, funny sayings HA!  What a week!