Thursday, July 26, 2012


Josh loves to take pictures.  I often will let Josh use my "old" point and shoot to snap photos in the house.  Well, the other day, I uploaded photos he had taken into my computer to look at them and look at what I found:

Nate is so busted!!!  Do you see what he has?  It is MY camera!!!  Now, I know two things when I look at these photos.  1) Josh is pretty darn good at taking photos and 2) I must have been nearby because I don't leave my camera out unless I'm taking photos and, notice the lens cap is off?  That is one of those things I always put right back on.  Sheesh! 

For the record, if Josh continues with this interest with photography, I do plan on making sure he has classes and is taught from an early age about photography.  I think that it is a great skill to have - even as a "side" job taking photos for family and friends.