Thursday, November 30, 2017

A little Blog Inspiration - Confessions of a Homeschooler

One of my all time favorite blogs to read and follow is :

It is through Erica's BLOG that I have found amazing teaching resources that I've been able to use over and over again with my kids.  I recently noticed that the preschool the princess attends uses Erica's preschool curriculum which is a pretty big deal.  She also offers great videos and sells amazing resources based on her knowledge she has gained through the years she has homeschooled each of her kids.  I feel like she makes my homeschool live a little easier. 

One of the extras that she does each month is posts a menu.  Within the menu are links to many of her meals so you can even find the recipes.  I've made many of her recipes and they are always good (simple and good - that is a great thing!). 

Well, in December her menu also includes crafts and activities to do with the kids too - a triple bonus! 

If you are looking for some meal and planing inspiration - just click HERE.  Trust me, I plan on using her monthly menu to plan our December meals to keep my life so much more simple!!

I'm still here . ..

I have blog post ideas to post about but it just seems I haven't had a chance to actually write them! 

Right now I'm focused on planning our December - what to make, what to do, and how to wisely spend our shopping money!  So usually at night, I'm doing a lot of planning and not a lot of writing!  The good news is that soon I'll have a bunch of recipes, crafts, and great ideas to write about!

So, for now, enjoy all of the Christmas lights - they are one of my most favorite parts of the season!