Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Goals - Just continuing on with June

In June, I posted a list of goals that had started with my making a couple of lists that were my "brain".  I also went through my 101 goals to see what I could add.  I'm going to update that as far as what I got done and the rest will carry over into this month.  July is also the hottest month around here usually so I don't tend to get a lot done during this month.  :-)

Craft Related Plans
1. Organize my scrapbook paper bag - it got accedently dumped one day by my husband and I haven't taken time to fix it since that time.
2. Erase tabs on my picture dividers

3. Organize Memorabilia for each year so it is ready to go in the scrapbooks
4. Finish up the boys albums including ordering the last bits and pieces
5. Finish up2008 album - just page protectors - hoping to be able to order enough to finish this album :-)
6. Finish up my first blogging book and budget to order it
7. Birthday Board - MUST get moving on this :-)  - Clean out the bin downstairs and get a new one that is clear; make the birthday banner that is in one of my posts
8. Finish saving photos from Memory Manager; delete stuff off of my computer; install new updated programs
9. Make our chore chart and get moving on that concept (tied into our new daily pick up times above)
10. Read Sections 1 and 2 in "How to photography your baby" and do it!!!
11. Make a list of 100 things about me
12. Finish up the John Deere blanket - which will be Nate's truck blanket
13. Purchase racks to hold 2-3 scrapbooks on the wall in the living room
14. Make Seatbelt pillows
15. Make two summer wreaths
16. Quite books - complete the barn page I'm off the quiet book kick - my boys are starting to get "out of that stage" 
17. Make Boo Boo Bunnies
18. Make Beach towel blanket We just used our beach towels and I found, because we use beach chairs, a blanket isn't really needed.
19.  Get letters for "Wash your hands" sign
20. Get H-L and decorate them for my ABC Wall

1. Read through Disney stuff and make a goal date to take the boys
2. Go through camping stuff and start packing
3. Pick up all needed supplies for this camping trip (next trip is in August)
4. Make Travel bags for our vacation
5. Print off maps/daily stuff/budget/ etc for our vacation

6. Pick our anniversary get away weekend
7. Look at reasonable ideas for our vacation in November so we can start saving

1. Do Feb-May gas receipts (got a little behind on work paperwork oops!) 
2. Get Dental Insurance After pricing it all out - we decided to be our "own" insurance and are just putting a little money away towards our dental costs.
3. Order Word a day calender
4. Subscribe to our local paper
5. Make one $25.00 payment on the truck

1. Plan our June and July calender (yes this should be done but since I'm writing my goals a week earlier then this will post . . this still needs to get done!)
2. Go through our school bins and clean them out

3. Print out 4 theme units to use this summer on rainy days
4. Put together about 8-10 crafts to be able to pull out on any given day
5. CLean out the "junk" basket in our classroom
6. Check out the Alligator Sanctuary and Mooville for a fun trip
7. Prep our calendar for next school year to complete all of our lessons.

1. Weed by the garage and lay down mulch.  Find something to plant under the crab apple tree - maybe a few Hostas.
2. Clean out the patio "bed" - would like to plant something there that is hardy and pretty.
3. Power wash the house
4. Paint the house (at least part of it - not sure how far we will get in June)
5. Plan out something new for the front of the house so we can maybe plant some stuff this fall

1. Finish the basement - my nemesis.  It isn't for lack of trying, trust me. 
2. Set up the play room (the boys are asking for it all the time)
3. Organize our tax documents in our file
4. Put together the car organization kit
5. Organize our DVD's.

Classroom-to-Office area transformation
1. Get carpet laid (someone is giving us nice carpet that they are replacing in their home so we just have to have it "laid".)
2. Measure, measure, and measure for what I want in there and then budget it out at IKEA.  Can't WAIT to be able to get my stuff.

Home Projects - a lot of thinking more than anything
1. The Living Room - we've lived in this house for 10 years and I'm ready for a change :-)  I have ideas of what I want but I want to really put together my idea board so we can tackle this project this winter.  Need to really budget this project out starting with flooring (Yikes!)
2. The kitchen - need to do the countertops and the floor.  :-) I have prices for them but have time to save since we don't do major indoor work in the summer - too hot!! (Paint never ever dries in this house in the summer!)

Lots and Lots on the radar this month.  I like to have lots to choose from knowing when I start that I won't get it all done.  Especially with a camping trip and a vacation thrown in (Which means any project that costs money most likely will get put off . . and just planned for  . . except maybe painting the house - we have to get moving on that one! )