Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Fun - Week 6

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Wow, six weeks of summer already gone?  It's kinda crazy!  I will admit that this past week, well, I dropped the ball.  It was a total "recovery" week from the heat, from the holiday, from the unplanned get away. 

Monday - I totally just worked on putting everything back together.  The temps were perfect - I worked in the kitchen for about 2-3 hours and never broke a sweat (and our kitchen is the hottest room in the house!!) On this day, the boys just enjoyed being home, playing with their toys while I cleaned, did laundry, prepped food for the week and just tried to pick up all of the stray things that had been left about during the horrible heat - when it was just too hot to clean anything.  My floors were thanking me as I vacuumed them ;-) 

Tuesday - Today I filled up the pool thinking the kids would want to play in it . . .but, again, with temps in the 70's and no humidity, they enjoyed filling cups of water and watering plants (i.e. weeds in the yard) but otherwise never got it in.  I worked on more stuff - like the basement and organizing things. 

Wednesday - I'll be honest - there wasn't a lot of "fun" in this day.  We got up to discover that thanks to the wonderful execs. at Direct TV, we have no Nick Jr.  Before you think my kids are TV junkys (which I'll admit, they watch a lot, especially when it is really hot outside . . .and inside!) but they have their morning routine - toons, poptarts, and chocolate milk.  You try to explain to a 2 and 3 year old why their favorite tunes are gone.  Not to mention the stuff on the Disney channels we still get, well, I'm not a fan of at this point.  Then, I called to make reservations for our dog at our kennel only to learn that they are closing as of August 1st (which is after I need them but still!)  I'm so sad :-(  We've taken our dog there for 8 years - they are fabulous and, well, well priced.  Finally, Josh got stung.  I was inside when I heard him start screaming (which, for a three year old, is pretty normal HA) but he came in and told me he got stung - then he showed me his eye.  Yep, sure thing, right about his eyebrow.  The good thing is that he is not allergic at all - it swells up for a bit but within about an hour, it's all gone.  Here's a photo - he wanted me to take it :-)

Thursday - I spent today catching up on paperwork.  By mid-afternoon I knew I had spent too much time "working" this week and not enough time with the kids - their attitudes and behavior where showing it.  So I wrapped things up and headed outside - they were happy with me just sitting out there watching them play :-) (Yes, they are wearing winter hats . . .they found them, put them on and said "We are wishing for snow" then headed outside.  Yes, they are truly my children. 

Friday - Today, I made up for the week!  We played puzzles, then built a fort (or has Josh calls it - his house!), had popcorn for snack, cleaned - the boys love to vacuum and yes, they do a good job AND put the vacuum away - that's all the cleaning we did . . the floors needed it, made pizza for lunch, filled the pool and swam for the afternoon and then played trains until Darryl got home.  He brought home dinner for the boys so I could leave and go scrapbooking. 

Because of the crazy week, I wanted to plan some fun things this weekend too.  Darryl originally was going to work all weekend but he needed a break so he unexpectedly took Saturday off which was great.  On Saturday the first thing we did was take bags of clothes to a friend who just adopted a baby boy.  Then, we took the boys to a "new" park - well, new to us.  It has an interactive fountain which I thought the boys would really like - they were not thrilled with it and only Josh ran through it a couple of times - Nate was ready to come home after being there just about 15 minutes. 

On Sunday, we skipped church . .. our church that we are attending right now does not have A/C . . .sorry, no A/C on a hot summer day = no Jackie in church.  I live without A/C at home but I wouldn't wear to church what I wear at home ;-) LOL  We hung at home for the morning but then went on an adventure.  I took the boys to get a treat (they have discovered a love for shakes), then we drove out to a Farm Stand, back to the bank and finally to the store.  I let the boys each push a small cart and we wondered through the store looking at toys and the fish for about an hour before picking up the few things we needed.   Today and Tomorrow will be pushing 100 degrees again so we don't plan on doing much.  Like my boys indicated earlier in the week - I'm reading for winter . . .or at least a very cool fall!