Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekly Menu - the one with a trip, surgery, and a hospital stay.

I do not have a Food Prep photo so I didn't do any food prep.  This was our "eat simple" week and boy, did we ever.  Darryl even had to scavenge  around the house for food because I never bought the chicken and rolls but he managed :-) (Don't worry, there were Hot Dogs, Soup and even some ham for him to eat)

This next week we are heading out of town for a family gathering, sending the kids to Papa and Nana's, sending Darryl into surgery, and getting to enjoy a hospital stay for a few days so the menu will be a little different than normal.

Friday - Hamburgers (on the grill of course!) and Fries.  I picked this meal because it is a favorite of the boys  . . Josh LOVES Hamburgers and Nate LOVES Fries!

Saturday - We have a little family gathering at my nieces so we will be enjoying food cooked by other people! 

Sunday - The kids are now at Papa and Nana's house so lunch will be out.  Dinner will be whatever we find at home (Soup, Mac and Cheese, cheese and crackers etc)

Monday - Steaks on the grill, sweet potatoes, and Steakhouse Rolls. 

Tuesday - Today, Darryl and I are talking the day off so we'll be eating where ever we happen to be :-)  This is the last day before his surgery so it will be weeks . . a month . . .before we are able to go out to do much. 

Wednesday and Thursday - Wednesday is Surgery day so I wll be eating at the hospital.  Thursday, I will be eating at the hospital (or grabbing some tacos from my favorite Mexican place just around the corner!) 

So, that is the simple week we have food wise.  :-)