Monday, April 8, 2013

April Preschool

What. a. Week.!!  Whew!  I had a few goals this week and I can say that we/I actually accomplished them all!!

My plan on Monday was to wrap up Lesson C but things took a slight change due to an interest in numbers.
 Josh wanted to start at the back of the lesson so he colored more Easter Pages in our Just Color! book from 1+1+1=1.  He's been really working at coloring inside the lines . .. .and he even colored with more than one color this week.
 Nate loves to sit on the table and tries to get me to do his work for him HA!
 This is when the lesson plan changed.  I was actually working on April's plan when Josh saw the calendar.  He then started asking me numbers (he can now recognize 1-30 and does pretty well with counting all the way through). 
He proceeded to write number and number . . . something he has never done but was able to follow what I had written on the page.  I was very impressed with what he could do on his.  The number "2" really gave him trouble but he did well with all of the rest.

So, on Tuesday, I knew we HAD to finish our last Rising Rock Stars Preschool lesson for letter C because we had sat on it WAY too long.

Our lessons included pages from workbooks I picked up a few weeks ago.
 I also gather workbook pages and ideas from Confessions of a Homeschooler
 I'm working on a new schedule for our day and want to have kind of a "PE" time in the afternoon.  The boys created their own imaginative play with their cars in the kitchen on the rug.
 I found a great idea on Pinterest from Words of His Heart to create letters on the floor using masking tape.  Then, the kids walk heel-to-toe on each letter. 
 The boys creativity took this further.  They jumped in all of the empty spaces, jumped from letter to letter, and used the letters as roads for their vehicles.  The best part?  At one point, after jumping around, both boys were breathing hard and had to rest - that is what I want to happen.  Lots of exercise.

Finally, we made these little puppets.  Another new thing in our schedule is a planned activity in the afternoon so this fit the bill.  I thought this would take us about 20 minutes but it took over an hour :-/  My mom actually picked up these kits a year ago and I put them away to use this spring :-)

Here's a photo of what we did on Wednesday and you can read the entire post HERE

Finally, on Thursday, we headed to my Mother-in-Laws for the day.  We don't go there often and really need to try and get there more.  She is very much a "leaves, sticks, bug, butterfly" kinda grandma so it is good "science" for the kids!
 Nate - before we left.  My little fireman :-)
 Wow?  School anyone?  Yikes!  Josh looks all grown up :-)
 The kids by the lake with Grandma pulling out some seaweed to feed a snail they found.  (Snails eat? HA!)
 We went on one of my MIL's "little" walks - 2 hours later we were back home ;-)  We had fun though and the kids loved being in the woods. 
 Here she is feeding that snail - Josh told her not to touch it, it might bite her.  (Maybe he needs to spend more time with her? LOL)
 Nate and Josh both drew maps for us as we walked along to make sure we didn't get lost.
 Josh had a blast throwing sticks in the water.  (Don't worry - I'm not that far from him - just up the hill)

Friday we didn't do school.  We are working on something else so I'll just share one little photo.  I'll be sharing more later :-)

I had planned to share my new lesson plan pages, lesson plans for the month, and new storage system for our weekly lessons but, I didn't get the pictures I wanted so I will share those next week.  :-)