Monday, March 18, 2013

March Preschool

We had another fun week with Preschool!  Check out these fun activities.

 I had a brainstorm last week.  I was tired of handing out papers every day so I bought each of the boys a 3 ring binder.  Now, I put our daily work in their binders and just add to it each day. This makes it easy for review and the boys are much more involved in their daily work now.  We still need to make covers for their binders sometime in the next few weeks.

 Don't you love this Easel?  I do - it was free!  Someone in the Homeschool group I'm a member off offered this up last week for the first taker.  The boys love it and play with it every single day.  Eventually, when the newness wears off, we'll use it more for school but right now, they just love to draw all day.
 One of our creative Projects for St Patrick's Day.  I found the idea over at Our Small-Town Idaho Life.  As you might notice - we were very "free" with our rainbow concept HA  Josh only wanted on streamer on his but he actually drew a rainbow whereas Nate like streamers but just colored in black.  I plan on sticking this idea in our "Holiday" binder to come back to next year.

 Sometimes the boys like to clean.  They wanted to clean the sink and spent about 30 minutes working together on that project.
 We colored a "In like a Lamb, Out like a Lion" page from Twisty Noodle.
 We also did some pepper painting to make shamrocks with an idea from Train up a Child - Learn as we go.  The boys did really well until they decided they liked finger painting instead :-)
 I have to share this - one of my goals for this "semester" is for the boys to write their names.  Josh wrote his name by himself - once he was done, he came to find me and show me what he did - he was so proud!

 Play time with daddy counts as learning too!  They are expert train builders.
Remember that one of my February Too Cute  was to put up a quote for my kids artwork?  Well, I ordered it and put it on the fridge where we hang our best artwork.  Right now we have our two St Patrick's Day crafts and the butterflies they made in Kid's Korner at church. I purchased the Vinyl from Sassy Sites.  She is great to work with and gets projects in the mail quickly!

 This week we worked on the song "I am a C"  - Josh loved reading the letters so we had to sing it REALLY slow!

A few last photos of our paint project.  :-)

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