Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happenings in this House

 Our week started with a surprise getaway for my husband's birthday.  He was jumping for joy when we got to the hotel :-)  IT has been a long time since we had been able to get away without the kids - just the two of us.
 I love this picture - it is on the balcony of our room, which overlooked the pool.  See how beautiful the sunshine is yet look outside and see the snow?  There was a huge snowstorm just 24 hours prior to this picture.
 One of our stops was the Museum - Darryl loves to read the history at the displays.  (I just like to walk around so I always finish first!)
 Ummmm . .. .Wednesday morning this is what was waiting for me - no PJ's, no Diaper.  Nate will no longer wear PJ's with snaps ;-)  

 Look at that smile!!!  Waiting for dinner to be served :-)
 Everyone is waiting . . .well we are waiting for the boys food to cool so we can eat.
This was taken before nap time on Friday - I was snapping lots of pictures of him to get those last photos of those curls because we had an appointment to get his first haircut.
 This photo was taken after nap - see the sad face all snuggled in . . .Nate woke up running a fever of 102.  Needless to say he did not get a haircut . . only Josh and Darryl went - poor little Nate :-(   We gave him some fever reducer and he seemed to do better but by bath time his fever was back up to 101.  Than, when we got him up at 3:45 to take Darryl to work - his fever was again back up to 103.  Needless to say, Darryl didn't go to work thinking we would have to take him in to the doctor but when he got up the fever was gone and he was 100% better!
 Hahaha - don't you love the outfit?  When I got him dressed he didn't want his PJ's off so he played super hero for awhile before finally deciding he wanted a shirt on instead.
 Our week ended with a birthday again - Darryl's family celebrates the February birthdays (long standing family tradition) so we all gathered for that today.  Thankfully Nate was feeling better, as you can see from this picture.
 Both boys are always so good - I pack a bag of toys so they have plenty to do.
 Hehehe - Just look at that smile! (I think he secretly likes his mullet full of curls and didn't want it cut off ;-) )
 Such a handsome little boy with a fresh haircut!  That cow is my favorite - it moos when you move it LOL
 They all wanted to help Darryl open his gifts.
And Josh shared his cake - chocolate of course :-)

That is the happenings in this house - we had lots of fun!!

Creative Memories Spotlight

February is quickly coming to a close and so are the great February deals. If you want to take one last peek, you can look at the full flier here - these deals end on February 28th.  Don't miss out on getting a great deal on something you've been meaning to pick up :-) **These specials are "while supplies last" so a few items are now no longer available **

With February ending - guess what?  March specials begin on Tuesday!! YIPPEE!!  AND there are lots of new arrivals coming out this spring too.  The products are not up on the website as of yet but I snapped a few photos of the March/April mini catalog for you to get a sneak peak!

 One of the things I'm soooo excited about is the new Rugged Power Palette collection and two new Rugged Baby Boy Additions!  I love the more neutral, muted blues, yellows and greens that this collection shows.  I also think the new 12 x 12 Baby Boy cover set is the perfect thing for that first year of pictures.
 Of course, it wouldn't be fair if there wasn't something new for girls!! 

The Make-A-Wish collection is adorable - the colors are beautiful.  There is a great "Bundle Up" package that is a normal retail value of $85.00 but will sell for $63.00. 

Those are just a few of the great items.  I always enjoy the spring roll out because there are so many new items - it gets me so excited to scrapbook.  There is also a new Cricut cartridge and a few more bundles including a Ltd. Ed. national Scrapbook Day bundle in an awesome pink color and a Hummingbird Bundle.  Look for a spotlight soon on the Bundle combos - those are such great ways to get a lot of product for a great deal!!

What are your scrapbooking needs?  Digital? Traditional? Check out my Website* and find what you need!  There are "specials" and "clearance" items that change - those are a great way to pick up some supplies for fantastic deals!

Please feel free to pass this information on to any of your friends/family - I would appreciate the business :-)

* My website is very new and I'm still working on figuring out how to set it so that it is super pretty and easy to navigate .. . .I'm a slow learner LOL