Saturday, May 9, 2015

Family Fun - Easter Part 2

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day!  Darryl was sick (:-(  ) so he stayed home from church but, as I mentioned before, we ended up getting to spend the day at home so it ended up being a really nice family day.

 Before the boys and I headed to church, we attempted to get some photos of the boys.  They are at the age where they like to make funny faces so I just keep snapping and hope to get one half way decent photo! 

 When we got home, the boys went searching for the Easter Baskets and found them in the playroom. 
 This year Darryl and I the Easter Bunny focused on outside toys.  They got Frisbees, Kites, Bubbles, Water Spray Fans, Legos, and candy. 
 They also got a second controller to the game cube - they have been asking for one for months and the "Easter Bunny" listened :-)

 Of course, the first item they each opened was . . .Legos! 

 While the boys built Legos, I got dinner on the table.  (One advantage to Darryl staying home?  He was able to put the cheesy potatoes in the oven so we could eat earlier!)
 This face!  So adorable :-)
 I managed to sneak outside . .The Easter Bunny even managed to hide eggs without being seen even though the boys kept looking outside throughout the afternoon to "catch" him! 

 This Easter Bunny was very, very smart and labeled each of the eggs with a "J" or an "N" so that there were no arguments or fights over who got more. 

 The best part of the whole hunt?  Josh found THIS.  Yes, it is Rabbit Poop!  This totally convinced him that the Easter Bunny had really hidden the eggs. 
 I love this shot of the boys playing with the new controller.  They were probably playing Mario Cart.
 As luck would have it, it was very windy on Easter so the boys convinced Darryl to head outside and help them fly kites.  (I have written to the Easter Bunny and said, "No kites next year HA!) 

They actually really did get them flying and flying high.