Monday, February 25, 2013

February Preschool

February has been a little bit of a bust as far as preschool.  Now, don't get me wrong,we do things daily that aren't structured.  We played our version of "I spy" this week where we would "spy" a color and the boys would run through the house to find anything they could that matched that color.  The boys played with their computers - Josh taught Nate how to play his favorite game . . well he tried.

This past week we just tried to recover from a busy week the week before and it took all week!  We were all tired out from our adventures the week before and did a whole lot of nothing!  We did do two things - 1)We went to the grocery store on Thursday plus I took the boys to the bank and out to lunch.  These are great teaching times :-)  2) We made birthday cards on Friday for Darryl

We will be getting back into our groove next week with lessons, activities, a craft or two and maybe a field trip on Thursday since my husband doesn't work that day.

So, are you looking for some ideas for March?  Check out my Pinterest board for ideas.

You can check out some general preschool ideas on this Pinterest board too!

Have a great week !