Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekly Menu

I totally 100% missed a post yesterday - oops.  Had one on the list, never wrote it, forgot that I didn't write it so I guess I had a one day break :-)

This past weeks menu did not go as planned.   We had a vehicle break down so we ended up eating out a few nights as we shuttled back and forth.  One night I did not cook we just all picked what we wanted when we were home (since we weren't all home at the same time!) and I did not even make good food to take to the Ladies Meeting - I backed up some "break and bake" cookies at the last minute.  Some weeks just roll like that, right?

Then, I prepped the next weeks recipes and just as I was getting ready to start the menu/grocery list I realized that it was NOT Memorial Day weekend this weekend so I needed to start over HA!  At least I'm ready for next week too!

This is the plan for this week

Friday - Brats, Corn on the Cob and Mac and Cheese

Saturday - Biscuits and Gravy and a nice Fruit Salad

Sunday -  I'm hoping to make it to the Kite Festival that is at Lake Michigan so I planned a picnic - Chick-Fil-Lay Nuggets, Potato Salad, Fruit Salad, Chips and Salsa and Brushetta

Monday - Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Rice and Corn

Tuesday - This is normally Taco Day but tacos are on the plan for lunch so we will have Sloppy Joes and Seven Layered Salad.

Wednesday - Chicken Scallopini, Rice, and Roasted Green Beans

Thursday - Ham and Cheese Quiche and Easy Banana Bread.

Maybe I can stay on track a little more this week !!