Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Goal Recap and May Goals

It's time to do a litltle recap of the goals from April and talk about May.

In April I worked on deep cleaning the dining room and the boys room - wiping down baseboards, cleaning windows and dusting.  Darryl and I worked outside a little and put a new canvas on the boys tree house roof; he and the boys cleaned up all the sticks and stuff in the yard.  I also worked in the garage and got most of it cleaned up including getting rid of a metal shelf that was being held together by rust pieces HA!

We finished up our school year; I planned our weekly things for the summer and have everything in manila folders ready to use.  I am working on ordering school books one book at a time.  Organizing is still in the works of both the stuff we are done with as well as the stuff we are still using.

I didn't touch anything scrapbooking related but my goal is to focus this summer on getting current.  With school done, I can put some stuff away and set up a small scrapbooking area in the dining room so I can work on it daily.  It's important to me to get as current as possible.

We are just about 5 weeks away from our first camping trip.  I have been spending about $10.00 a week to stock up on stuff for camping like snacks and paper products.  I've planned our basic menu for each trip (we eat the same thing almost every time HA) so I can get what we need when it is on sale.  Now I'm working on activities to do while we are camping.  Last year I took some specific things for crafts and fun to kinda break up the day.  Plus we took our Kids Bible and did a lesson on Sunday morning with a little craft. 

I did a few other things but that's the basics.

Here's what is on my radar for May:

My goal is a little different this month.  Instead of specifically focusing on one room, I'm trying to get through all of the rooms and hit the stuff that only gets done once or twice a year like wiping down baseboards and trim, washing windows and going through every drawer, box, bin and container.   This isn't just true for the upstairs but also the downstairs.  As I finish the basic clean up/re-organization in the basement I then need to go back through every bin and clean out. Again.  I do this every few years and I'm always amazed and how much stuff I get rid of when I go through bins.

The focus is again different right now.  First and foremost I have to get our curriculum ordered as quickly as possible.  I'm starting with the core subjects so that I can get lesson plans done.  I learned last year that homeschooling two kids is different than planning lessons for 30 kids :-)  When I taught in a classroom I only planned one week at a time because we never got through the lessons planned.  Teaching at home, we almost always get through our lessons for the week so I can plan the entire year.  :-)   

I will be attending a homeschool conference this month too.  I'm looking forward to learning and to actually being able to handle some curriculum and look through things I've picked out - who knows I might find some fabulous deals too.

I have one main goal this month - to completely put together the graduation album for my nephew.  If I can complete is album by the end of May it will be the first time to ever have it done earlier than the night before it was "due" HA!   I would also like to gear up for my Summer of Scrapbooking by getting my supplies ready!

We'll be camping this month!  So, I have to open the camper, clean it out and pack it for the summer with the basic supplies.  Our first camping trip is literally 10 minutes from home so we'll be able to run home if needed to pick up supplies.

I should say that our Easter was great.  I've made a few notes for next year as reminders for planning but I was really happy with what we did this year.  I need to still make notes/ideas for Christmas and Birthdays now that we are on the downside towards both of those things again!

Just one Thing
I need to rework my list for this to focus on some key things.